7 Signs If He Likes You Over Text

7 Signs If He Likes You Over Text

Signs if he likes you

Are you one of those girls who are in love with someone but is not able to express herself just because you are not sure if he feels the same for you. The worst part is that you can only contact him virtually and it becomes more difficult for you to figure out the subtle signs he likes you. Even if somehow come up to a conclusion that just becomes null and void as you still get confused by the end of applying all the practical calculations.

His heart broke the day he realized who I was…………

To make things easier for girls, we are revealing below the seven obvious signs a guy likes you over text:

1. Honesty

Most of you feel that if a guy texts you late at night or if texts you first he is interested in you. This is absolutely incorrect. He may keep you as a priority but it is not necessary that he texts you first. But, if he is honest to you then he definitely likes you. A guy who has feelings for a girl always reveal his darkest secrets despite the consequences he might face later or the fear that you might just judge him.

2. Emotional Side

Now, this is something that most of the guys try to avoid. Men rarely show their emotional side especially to the girls as they just want to portray how manly they are. They just wouldn’t highlight their tears in public but if he a guy does not fear in hiding his emotions from you, then he trusts you a lot and knows you will be there to be his strength when he is weak.

Signs if he likes you

3. Respectful words

A man who loves a girl definitely respects her alone as well as publicly. Even if he has a nature of using an abusive language he will definitely not use them for you or before you as he respects you a lot. You will see this by his conversation over texts.

4. Personal Space

Personal space is something that many lovers fail to give that only messes up the situation for them instead of starting your love track. But if he a guy respects your relation with your friends and gives you enough space, he likes you and will definitely be the perfect one for you in future.

5. The Reason Of Smile

No matter how upset a guy is, if the girl he likes is there with him and soothes him down with her caring texts, he just cannot stop himself from falling for her. If you are the one that makes him happy then he will definitely portray them through his texts and will let you know that you mean a lot to him.

Signs if he likes you

6. Healthy Flirting

There is a very thin line between healthy flirting and vulgar flirting and girls you must know how to distinguish between the two. If a guy is complimenting you generally over your beauty or just congratulating you every time for your achievements then he is interested in you and is the right one for you. If he compliments you in a vulgar way then think twice before developing a feeling for him.

7. Love emojis

Since men can’t express themselves openly on texts, they use emojis to do so. Most of the guys send kisses and vulgar emojis that just portray their attraction and not love. But if a guy sends you an emoji with a heart and not regularly but occasionally, he likes you for sure.

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