Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners have become quite prevalent after people like us have become more health conscious and are concerned about how we look. Sugar free items are easily available in market. Artificial sweeteners are called non-nutritive as it does not have the calorie content like that of sugar. But with every medicine or any such artificial intake is attached its side effects. Same is the case with Artificial Sweeteners.

Some of the artificial sweeteners side effects are:

Artificial sweeteners have chemical compounds instead of sugar and studies have shown that these increase your urge to eat more. Thus, consequently you gain a lot of weight.

Artificial sweeteners have side effects on health as well. It can lead to headache, brain tumour, seizure etc. And in the end all your effort to save calories goes down the drain.

Women during pregnancy should avoid artificial sweeteners and should opt for nutritious food. Artificial sweeteners can cause birth defects in child. Instead of taking diet coke or soda, they should go for juice and milk. They should take balanced diet and drink a lot of water.

Reports have made it clear that artificial sweeteners lead to more weight gain than sugar because it urges you to eat more. It also leads to you wanting to take in more carbohydrates. It stores fat in your body.

Artificial sweeteners can lead to serious gas problems in a lot of people which ultimately leads to bowel irritation. Some also had infection in Gall Bladder. Hence, if you have any such problems from before you should completely avoid artificial sweeteners.

It is very important to know your body before actually starting any low- calorie substitute because it is possible that instead of proving helpful it could actually causing you a lot of harm. So, think and then act.