Best 5 Sleep Aids

Best 5 Sleep Aids

Are you facing problems in falling asleep? Are you in search of a medication that can help you sleep properly? Are you looking for a safe and effective sleep aid? Then read the sleep aids reviews in this article!

There can be many reasons for sleeping problems such as excess stress, medical illness, emotional distress and more. Lack of sleeps makes you tired and mentally weak as well. So, it’s necessary that a person gets the adequate amount of sleep daily. Thankfully, there are things called ‘Sleeping aids or medication’ which helps the person get the required amount of sleep.

However, before you just randomly select and buy a sleeping pill, you must know the sleep aids reviews which are categorized into three types:-

  • Melatonin: This is for the ones who face the problem of disrupted sleep after jet-lag or shift-work! Melatonin helps regulate the disrupted sleeping and helps you get enough sleep.
  • Anti-histamines: These contain the strongest sedative qualities. Only for the ones who cannot sleep at all (Insomniac)
  • Herbal pills: These have comparatively lighter effect than the other two!

You should try out only those which you feel comfortable with. You also need to be very careful with these sleeping aids because some of them can be very strong and also unsafe.

As there are so many options available in the market it becomes a bit tricky to choose the safest and most effective one. Therefore, we have find out the best sleeping aids available in market and listed the top 5 sleeping pills, as per the sleep aids reviews, just for you!

Note: If it’s your first time, its better you ask your doctor before using it.

Go through the list below to know sleep aids reviews and purchase the one you find suitable for yourself!

  1. Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature is among of the strongest and effective sleeping aids. This falls in the anti-histamine category. It contains D-oxylamine, which is an active ingredient which has strong sedative qualities. As soon as you take this, you will become physically and mentally drowsy, which you would hope for!

However, it may not be the best choice if you are planning for a late night sleep and waking up early morning.

As it doesn’t say how many hours it will remain in effect, therefore you should avoid taking this if you wish to get up in less than 8 hours of sleep. The sleep hours of this medication depends on various factors such as your body size, metabolism and age, so you may also need to confirm with your doctor!

But if you have a lot of time on your hands for a proper good night sleep and you don’t need to wake up at the break of the dawn, then Kirkland sleep aid is the best one for you. Moreover, unlike other prescribed sleeping pills, Kirkland doesn’t cause the problem of addiction and you won’t also require changing the dosage night after night. Get this sleeping pill if you wish to overcome a long period of bad sleep!!

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  1. Unisom SleepGels

Unisom Sleepgels is also anti-histamine type. But its active ingredient is Diphenhydramine hydrochloride which doesn’t have the same effects as the doxylamine. It is useful if you need a little help to get proper sleep.

The effect also doesn’t last the next day. However, you may feel a little groggy when you wake up, but this depends on how you react to the pills. These pills are bit milder compared to Kirkland sleep aid. So, it’s best for you if you are a first timer. This might work as a light introduction to the sleeping aids.

Unisom is available in three versions: Sleep Gels, Sleep Tablets and Quick Melt. You need to check how quickly it absorbs and how much anti-histamine ingredient it contains for your suitability.

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  1. Zenwise Labs Sleep Support

The Zenwise Labs sleep aid is a melatonin type of sleeping aid which is a good choice for getting a good amount of sleep. It consist an impressive range of ingredients which helps in proper sleep.

Specifically, it contains magnesium, L-Taurine, I-Ornithine, L-Theanine, Chamomile, Valerian, Melatonin (6 mg), 5 HTP and GABA which help in relaxation and sleep!

Although it doesn’t show any kind of after effect in the morning, but the 6 mg melatonin may seem a bit higher for some people as 3 mg melatonin is the standard dosage of dosage generally found in sleeping aid!!

Moreover, the wide range of active ingredients present in the pill may be strong for some people. So, it’s necessary you avoid it if you are a first timer and ensure with your doctor before taking it!

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  1. Luna

Just like the Zenwise Labs sleep aid, Luna also consist a wide range of ingredients which includes GABA, magnesium, L-Theanine, Chamomile extract, Lemon balm extracts, Hop extract, Valerine extract, vegetable cellulose and Melatonin (3 mg).

However, the best thing of this sleeping aid is that it is vegan and all-natural product. It also consists some of the classic ingredients which you can find in your regular bedtime tea.

As it is an herbal sleep aid, it doesn’t completely knock you out like the stronger sleeping aids. It has milder effect and relaxes you after 30 minutes of consumption.

It also doesn’t have any side-effects or grogginess the next morning when you wake up. However, it’s only suited for the ones who are not into stronger sleeping aids. If you are a vegan then this sleep aid is the best one for you. It’s also quite popular in the US. It has many devoted users who have given positive reviews.

And, yeah, if the pill doesn’t work for you, they will also refund without asking any question!!

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  1. Berry Sleepy (Price: $15 for 60 capsules)

If you are looking for a non-addictive melatonin sleep aid, this is the best one for you. If you are keen on avoiding strong anti-histamines and pharmaceutical pills then this might be the ideal sleeping pill for you.

Melatonin is not that powerful, but it has different ways in regulation sleep problems. Instead of simply knocking you out like the stronger sleep aids, it helps in boosting your hormones for maintaining a proper regular sleep pattern.

For that reason, it’s considered the most prescribed sleeping pill.

The most interesting thing about Berry Sleepy is that the melatonin comes from berries: Passion fruit extract, Goji berry extract and Tart cherry extract. It helps with jet-lag, delayed sleep phase syndrome and shift work.

However, it may not be that effective if you are insomniac. But it does help in regulation badly disrupted sleeping patterns and gets you back on track. So, if you are looking for a good melatonin sleeping aid, try out berry sleepy!!

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Here we described the sleep aids reviews, hope it will help you to choose the best sleeping pills for yourself.

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