Best Activity Tracker: Top 5 in 2019

Best Activity Tracker: Top 5 in 2019

Losing weight and getting into good shape is a really tough goal to achieve. But, get an activity tracker and you will feel motivated. It will help you capture every moment of your workout session and you get to see how much you strain yourself. Keeping a track of the day-by-day and week-by-week plan, you get to understand your workout habits, which is important to bring the change. This little bit of information is good enough to motivate you to start working for more or take extra walk around the lane. Most importantly, it will keep you aware of your present activity level.

A tracker works with you and get into mode the moment you wake up and begin with the activities. Wearing an activity tracker, keeps record how many steps you took, the distance covered by you during the jog or walk.

In addition, the tracker also tracks your sleep or its deprivation. You can retrieve the recordings to analyse what elements bother your sleep and what you can do to rectify it.

Some trackers are too advanced

A few units go beyond their expected level and also monitor your heart beat, blood pressure as well as calorie intake and utilisation. Technology has also made it possible to have a tracker that you can connect with your computer to have complete analytical report about your health.

There a wide range of devices available – from the size of a remote control with dynamic abilities to a watch type device with high level of accuracy. These devices are quite popular and used like accessories. This makes possible the availability of trackers which are designed to match your personal preferences and taste.

However, you must ensure that you fall for a good product after doing comparison of the available options. The parameters like accuracy, price, functionality, and technology updates are important when comparing the devices. Of course, warranty on devices is also a crucial consideration.

The best fitness trackers on the market are highly evolved and accurate, but demand mindful purchase to avail the benefits. Top products have been enlisted here to keep the complicacies out of your search process:

  1. Writhings Activity, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker

Writhings Activity, Sleep and Heart Rate TrackerBest Activity Tracker: Top 5 in 2019 1

This activity tracker is an extremely useful gadget that you need to monitor your daily activates during your endeavour to evolve into a healthy person. If you are serious about losing weight, getting into shape or increasing your stamina, a gadget like this Writhings tracker is a wonderful option. It can monitor activities like heart rate, sleep, etc to help you in pursuing your health objectives.

Important features:

  • While tracking activities, it can record running, elevation, steps, distance covered and calories burnt
  • Monitors sleep, gives complete analysis of sleep cycle, frequent wake-ups and total-duration of sleep
  • Keeps record of oxygen level in blood and heart rate
  • Offers real-time coaching with free health app
  • Available with wristband and clip
  • Records your every action and movement – whether you walk, run or climb stairs
  • Also records the number of floors covered while climbing stairs and calories burnt in the process
  • Play on your wrist and it can tell you how many hours and minutes your slept


  1. Skechers Activity Tracker/Sleep Monitor

Skechers Activity Tracker/Sleep MonitorBest Activity Tracker: Top 5 in 2019 2

This is a startling device from the famed sports shoemaker Sketchers. This plain looking device is like a wrist band that keeps track of your sleep patterns and your movements. A useful gadget, this tracker also helps you monitor the number of steps you take while walking and calories you burnt in the process.

Important features:

  • All day activity tracker that monitors your steps, distance covered and the calories burnt
  • Can be connected to iPad mini, iPad, and iPhone 4s and 5
  • Tracks sleep pattern (displays chart for monthly and daily sleep as well)
  • Also distinguishes between walking and running
  • In case you have decides a workout plan for yourself to burn calories, it can display a chart with the percentage reflecting your real achievement (this requires downloading Sketchers App downloaded from the App Store of iOS)
  • The app also gives the measure of battery level
  • This is a simple wrist gadget


  1. Fitbit One Activity and Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One Activity and Sleep TrackerBest Activity Tracker: Top 5 in 2019 3

The dynamic, amazing and efficient tracker definitely deserves your attention. It could be your permanent companion to transform your lifestyle and make you a fit and healthy personality. The tracker can record a number of things about your activities that you can’t even imagine.

Important features:

  • Monitors the quality of your sleep
  • Wakes you up with a soothing alarm
  • Records the steps taken, distance travelled, stairs climbed and calories burnt in the whole process
  • Help to set your goal, tracks progress of your plan
  • Can connect automatically to your smartphones or computer using Bluetooth technology
  • Easy to wear on your belt or your trouser’s pocket to monitor your activities
  • You just wear it on your belt or your trouser pocket and climb a flight of stairs.
  • Indicates the number of floors you have climbed and calories you burnt in the process
  • You can sleep wearing it on your wrist
  • Allows you set the amount of time you want to sleep
  • Can give complete analysis of the way you spent your night
  • Will wake you up, but would not disturb your partner


  1. Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip Activity TrackerBest Activity Tracker: Top 5 in 2019 4
When you buy this activity tracker, you actually bring a useful tool to monitor your activity. This device has a wonderful ability to integrate with other devices in which you have downloaded an app to generate good reports.

Important features:

  • Helps you manage your health by setting goals and monitoring it in real time
  • Records the steps taken by you, distance covered and calories consumed in the process
  • Can be worn discreetly inside your pocket or clothes underneath
  • Water proof, safe even when you sweat profusely
  • Can download and install app
  • Can sync to your computer, laptop or other devices to generate workout reports using graphs as well
  • Comes with a replaceable battery that can last up to 6 months
  • Encourages you to make progress toward daily activities, and make course modifications
  • It can also help you to adjust your diet for a healthy move


  1. Lark Pro Sleep Coach Monitor

Lark Pro Sleep Coach MonitorBest Activity Tracker: Top 5 in 2019 5
Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a personal coach to let you sleep well? Yes, this Lark Pro device is a wonderful sleep coach that is known for its unique functions, features and advantages. It studies your sleep pattern and informs you how good or bad it is. Also, it takes you through suggestions for making crucial changes in your various routines, eating habits and other things so that you can get enough and good sleeps every night.

Important features:

  • Silent un-alarm clock with sleep sensor
  • Shows your sleep quality and how to improve it
  • Wrist band to nudge you awake
  • Features award-winning personal sleep coach program
  • Comes with a vibratory alarm system to wake you up without disturbing your partner
  • You can sync its recordings to iPhone through iOS app to get clear interpretation of data from the sleep monitor. It converts them into charts and graphs for better understanding

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