Best Nail Colors For Your Skin Tone

Nail colors add a vibrancy to our personality that’s why we all love using nail paints! With so many new colors coming in the market and so many different styling techniques we just can’t ignore painting our nails. Not only it looks good on our fingers but simple nail paint can lift up our whole look.

Most of the time, when we check up nail paint videos or see some cool nail paints on our friend’s nails; we try to use the same. However, copying others specifically for choosing a nail color can become disastrous. It may look way too pale or too bright or even give the hand an aged look, yes the chances are many! So, while choosing the nail colors you must check what your skin tone is!

Nail Colors for Skin

Mainly, there are 4 skin tones:

  1. White skin
  2. Fair skin
  3. Tan skin
  4. Dark skin

Accordingly, you should go for certain colors and avoid others! Read on to know which shades of nail paint is perfect for your skin tone:

Medium Tan Skin Nail Colors

  1. For white or very fair skin tone:

nail colors

Beauties with fair skin tone often have a pink undertone to their skin color. These people are lucky ones as they can pull off almost any color. From brighter shades to very dark shades, almost everything looks amazing on their fingers.

Go for:

  • Shades which belong to the pastel family
  • Dark shades of reds and pinks
  • Blue shades like very dark blue, navy blue and midnight blue
  • Metallic shades like silver and gold
  • Bright colors like orange and yellow


  • Black nail paint
  • Shades with too much pink undertone
  • Invisible colors
  1. For Fair skin

nail colors red

Just like women with whitish complexion, fair skinned women can also pull off quite a number of shades easily.

Go for:

  • Pastel shades
  • Dark shades of reds and ruby
  • Pale shades of silver, white and pinks
  • Bright shades of blue, orange and peach
  • Plums, burgundy, and purple.


  • Darker shades (except red)
  1. For Medium or tan skin tone:

nail colors light pink

If you have a skin tone which is not too dark or not too pale then the bright shades are the best for you. However, you should try to avoid metallic shades!

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Go for:

  • Light shades of pinks, light blues, red, purples
  • Pastel colors
  • Silver and burgundy
  • Peach and pale brown


  • Darker shades
  • Gold and rust
  1. For Dark skin

nail colors dark brown

Women with dark skin can easily pull off bright shades. They can also pull off rich and dark shades like red and burgundy very well. The neon colors look amazing on dark skin tones!

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Go for:

  • Bright shades like orange, neon, red, yellow
  • Dark shades of red, green, purples


  • Pastel colors
  • Pale shades
  • Dark brown

Few more tips to make your nails look amazing:

  • While choosing the nail paints, make sure it’s compatible with the skin tone.
  • Make sure that the color matches with the dress you are wearing.
  • Use colors according to the occasion.
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