Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015

Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015

Reach home after an extreme workout session, what would you like to do? Just sit back and enjoy a moment of relaxation. However, it is not only relaxation that would help your muscles to recover. Your physical trainer can demonstrate you how important it is for your muscles to recover. This recovery after an intense workout session is often neglected by the fitness freaks. Moreover, it should be treated just as important as warm up stretching.

Those who are regular at gym, often experience muscle soreness, spasms, cramps and strain quite frequently. If you want to maintain the pace of your workout session, you must take certain measure to get rid of this pain and any discomfort. Recovering from your workout is possible with the help of muscle roller sticks that help compress and stretch your muscles gently alleviating soreness and pain. This decreases recovery time, energises you and gives you strength to perform with higher efficiency.

Bear no pain

For those who are not familiar with a roller stick, it is a light in weight and compact self-massage tool that you can carry in your gym bag. It is provided with ergonomically designed handles on both ends and biotherapeutic spindles in the middle. It lets you have an easy way to massage and stretch your muscles. The roller stick aids in soft tissue treatment that is known as myofacial release.

This treatment has many benefits starting from improving blood circulation to enhancing muscle stretch reflex, loosening knotted or tight muscles, and soothing trigger points. With all these, your pain and discomfort ends. All in all, having a roll will improve your range of movement and facilitate faster muscles recovery.

This is why roller sticks are used by gym buffs and athletes to optimize their performance.

Roller sticks are highly efficient

These sticks provide a revolutionary technology to let you enjoy self-massage. Many professional athletes have been using this stick for the betterment of their life and performance.

One should always remember that “one size fits all” theory doesn’t apply to every individual. Therefore, you should find the most suitable stick to address your kind of muscle discomfort.

Presenting you a list of seven best performing roller sticks to address your muscle problems

  1. Professional Grade Muscle Roller Stick

Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 1Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 2

This professional grade muscle roller stick is a highly efficient tool of all varieties available on the market. It has several startling features to prove its efficiency and power like soothing and recovering your muscle pain or injury.

It stands out because of its unique bioenergy therapeutic spindles incorporated particularly to address problems like muscle soreness, pain and stiffness with effectiveness. It has a robust metal centre to apply needed pressure on stiff and tight muscles.

The product comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee offered by the manufacturer. This shows how effectively they have designed their product.

  • Great tool to soothe back & leg pains, cramps and knots
  • Hundred percent money back guarantee
  • Free replacement if the product breaks or damaged
  • Comprises nine bioenergy therapeutic spindles to work effectively on tendons and muscles
  • Popular among massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers across the globe
  • Adds flexibility to every massage session
  • Firm and sturdy construction
  • Designed to last for lifetime with proper use
  • Convenient and extremely light in weight

Features you may not like:

Some users found the handles getting detached easily. However, this is not a matter of concern with proper use, and also because the manufacturer is generous enough to offer free replacement.


  1. 17-Inch Travel Stick

Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 3Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 4

This is considered one of the highly efficient roller sticks available on the market today. It really works well due to its 8 spindle construction. It compresses and stretches muscle groups to relieve pain and soreness of muscles.

It provides a great warm up tool for athletes by working on the muscle kinks, so you can perform better. Made of good quality material, proper use can make it last for lifetime.

  • Helps in muscle injuries
  • Relieves muscle stiffness in legs and adds strength
  • Speeds up the recovery of muscles
  • Energises your muscles
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Users rate it 4.7 out of 5
  • Integrates functionality and flexibility into one unit
  • You can use it for feet, forearms, shins, neck and calves
  • Don’t need to apply too much pressure for bending the stick
  • Made of space-age plastic material
  • Improves your performance

Features you may not like:

Particularly not good for deep massages as it has been designed for small muscle groups, on which it does a good job.


  1. Muscle Roller Stick For Athletes

Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 5Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 6

If you have pain and muscle stiffness, this is the best tool you can get. This is a handy tool to help you soothe you muscles while ensuring their strength, flexibility and relaxation. Regular use of the stick would improve your performance level.

  • Great tool for those who workout for longer hours
  • Ensures faster muscle recovery between strenuous sessions
  • Sturdy and well-constructed to last for lifetime
  • Ensures instant muscle pain relief
  • Comes with lifetime replacement warranty
  • Dissipates lactic acid in the muscle system to alleviate muscle soreness
  • Gives you stronger legs
  • Favourite tool of many athletes, and also helps elderly with their leg pain (as posted in a review)
  • Made of high quality material, so doesn’t hurt
  • Conveniently sized to let you carry with ease while travelling

Features you may not like:

A few reviews say that it makes squeaky noise while using, but a little oiling solves the issue.


  1. Miracle Roller Stick

Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 7Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 8

This stick is aptly named for the kind of performance it delivers. It is extremely useful for both professional athletes as well as fitness freaks. Using this stick ensures muscle flexibility, strength and mobility. It soothes tight and sore muscles thus boosting your performance.

With ergonomic design, it is able to give you deep tissue massage for effective results. It can also reach spots where foam rollers can’t. The sturdy construction assures you of not bending the stick no matter how much pressure you apply.

It offers extreme level of convenience being extremely light in weight. Slips easily in your bag, so it is easy to carry while travelling.

  • Designed ergonomically with sturdy construction
  • Helps to increase your strength, flexibility and mobility
  • Ultimate stick to soothe muscle tightness, pain, soreness and cramps
  • Ultimate product to give you deep tissue massage
  • Can even make out to off spots where foam rollers can’t
  • Easy to carry
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • Users give it perfect rating
  • Delivers everything that you can expect from a roller stick
  • Designed to boost your performance to higher levels

Things not to like:

Superb! Not even a single user found anything to criticise about this product. Isn’t it a great purchase?


  1. Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick

Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 9Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 10

This 19 inch sturdy stick is designed to let you maintain the strength of your leg and thigh muscles. Therefore, it is more popular among athletes and those who enjoy an extremely active lifestyle. Apply a little pressure and you can stimulate your muscles by promoting better circulation and accelerating the recovery time while working out.

It is compact in size so extremely convenient to carry while you travel. As a buyer, you will enjoy free replacement if the stick breaks. This is a great choice to make if you are willing to strengthen your leg muscles while keeping it injury-free. Carry it with you to maintain consistency of your performance in competitive environments by increasing your stamina and leg strength.

  • Great for fitness and physical therapy
  • Highly recommended by personal trainers, athletes and physical therapists
  • Good for deep tissue massage and faster recovery
  • Offers relief in case of sciatica, shin splints, restless leg syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and other pain
  • Speeds up muscle recovery and prevents injury
  • Stimulates stiff muscles for flexibility and mobility
  • Slightly larger than usual sticks
  • Offers great comfort if you are aiming at smaller muscle groups
  • Highly effective, sturdy and economical
  • Easier to use due to its comfortable handles
  • Customer reviews say that it is also effective in muscle and joint pains

Things not to like:

Some users didn’t like the squeaky noise it makes. Manufacturer responded to their complaint and generously suggested using WD-40 on the rods to prevent the noise.


  1. Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool

Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 11Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 12

Different from typical roller stick, this massage tool is a great object to help you get rid of different kinds of muscle pain. It has been designed with the aim to increase circulation and improve recovery time. It comes it S shape with strategically placed small knobs which target different trigger points and even areas that are difficult to reach. Regular use keeps your muscles relaxed and well-contracted, alleviating pain and injuries.

It is focused to ensure effectiveness and more convenience while using. You can place it easily inside your carry bag without feeling bulky.

  • Highly effective on tight muscles, pain, spasms
  • Soothes hard to reach muscles
  • Gives faster healing while ensuring better mobility and blood circulation
  • Recommended by chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors and massage therapists
  • This body back tool works to loosen the kinks and knots in your muscles
  • S shape construction allows using it is different angles with many variations, so that you can have the most effective and effective massage tool
  • Gives you performance boost

Things you may not like:

Some users felt that it should be made of some metal rather than plastic to exert more pressure effortlessly.


  1. Flexible Muscle Roller Stick

Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 13Best Roller Sticks: Top 7 in 2015 14

This muscle roller stick features bioenergy therapeutic spindles, which make it one of the best tools to relieve muscle pain and soreness. It also works best on tight muscles. The roller comes with nine spindles thus makes the best choice for athletes of any discipline. Making it a lot more effective is the lifetime 100% money back guarantee and also free replacement in case of product damage.

  • Great choice for athletes, chiropractors and physical therapists
  • Ensures relief in leg and back pain, body cramps, knots and calf injuries
  • Features nine Bioenergy therapeutic spindles to massage muscles with great degree of effectiveness
  • Good for Myofascial release and deep tissue massage
  • Offered with hundred percent money back guarantee
  • Just like its name, it is highly flexible and works well on all muscle points without causing any discomfort as felt while using stiff sticks
  • Middle of the roller offers necessary contour to work well on sore and tight muscles
  • Extremely light in weight and sturdy
  • Handles allow for easy grip, and ensures perfect flex when bent
  • Customers recommend it for great customer service, which is a bonus

Things not to like:

Some users review it as flimsy, but the money back guarantee and affordability make it a better purchase.


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