How Blue Apron Works – The Best Recipe Delivery Service?

How Blue Apron Works – The Best Recipe Delivery Service?

There are many days when moms prefer to put everything on auto-pilot. This is where Blue Apron can be highly beneficial. Blue Apron is a service provider that offers ready-to-cook and pre-portioned meals. Here is information on how Blue Apron works.

Blue Apron is just about a nationwide delivery service which delivers boxes that contain recipes along with pre-portioned meal ingredients. Many people want to know if this is really a helpful innovation when it comes to meal prep and shopping or maybe the worst that both worlds have to offer in association to take-out food that is costly that you will still need to cook.

Review On Blue Apron

Each kit conveniently delivered to your door contains every ingredient required to cook 3 meals, each that is enough to feed two people. This comes with step-by-step photos and recipes. This service provider also offers the plans that can feed four to six people along with choices between vegetarian, fish or meat meal plans. The times for deliveries range on a daily basis from either 8am to 8pm or from 6pm to 8pm. This flexible delivery schedule usually works well for the majority of work schedules.

Blue Apron (read more: ) will post the week’s menu on their website 1 week in-advance, which offers customers an opportunity to ensure the menu appears appealing before they decide to order. An example of three meals in a week includes salmon with a cauliflower steak and fennel, turkey chili or stir-fried ginger beef.

The meals come neatly packaged inside cardboard boxes that have been lined with an ice pack to ensure the contents remain fresh. Even when your delivery arrives before you arrive home from work, the ice-packs will keep everything cool. In addition, the meat in the packs are vacuum sealed. This means you have a few more weeks in which to use them or freeze them, if you find a last-minute plan has come up and you need to push your dish onto another evening or the next week.

Each of the recipes are explained well, and each ingredient excepting pepper, salt and olive oil are included. These ingredients include an array of items such as tiny containers of balsamic vinegar or soy sauce, or a tablespoon of a spice such as chili powder that is packaged into tiny bags.

These ingredients are helpful and precise, but some consumers find that they would prefer a head of broccoli or cauliflower or more than just 1 celery stalk that they could use towards another meal.

Due to the fact that Blue Apron will include everything that you need to make a meal, making a dinner is just about as simple as ordering a take out without experiencing the guilt associated with eating unhealthy meals. It is also great for many moms or singles to preview their menu 1st to ensure they are actually interested in cooking the meals for the week, which is a rare occurrence when it comes to most people’s typically “spur of the moment” cooking schedules.

Even though recipes that are featured on the website may not be especially creative, many customers agree they enjoy trying new takes on the dishes they have more than likely cooked before. For example, the salmon that is coated in ground fennel seeds is a winner, while the turkey chili offers an interesting kick with its bright lime flavors and jalapeno. While some dishes like the stir-fry ginger beef may not be an outstanding dish, it will still add variety into your usual weekly schedule.

Step-by-step color photos which come with each recipe show all the main steps involved in the processes. In addition, every recipe also comes with instructions associated with how to prepare every ingredient before you start cooking.

When signing up with Blue Apron, every customer is enrolled automatically into their weekly delivery plans. However, you do have the option to skip on how ever many deliveries you have decided on at no additional charge. While you do have the option to try out the service for one week and then cancel, it is recommended to keep your membership. You can skip out on the weeks when you do not need to service, or when the dishes seem unappealing. Many customers skip weeks, but they know the service is always available to them when they find the dishes that look delicious or when they find themselves in a bind. One of the stand out benefits of Blue Apron is that any of their recipes are free for anyone that browses their website and is not restricted to only the paying customers.


Currently, Blue Apron does not provide meal choices that extend beyond vegetarian, fish or meat, which makes it important to find out about the menu for the week when it comes to preferences or food allergies before ordering. One of the other drawbacks is that a few of their dishes do not always make up for the price they are asking for. For example, if you had to make the turkey chili, you would probably land up with a lot more for the price of $20. However, the portions for each recipe are generous, with a few dishes that are enough for even feeding a third person. It is important to keep in mind when using such a service that you are also paying for the overall convenience and leftovers are usually unlikely.


Overall Blue Apron is a professional and well-organized service provider. The packaging is neat and hygienic with clear menus and recipes. While you might find that you do not use these services every week, you will probably start to look forward to browsing through their weekly menus and then ordering when you really need it or when you find the dishes that appeal to you and your family.

The Blue Apron Meal Delivery charges $59.99 which includes 3 meals for 2 people on the Blue Apron website. Any of the other available plans are charged at $9.99 per meal, per person.