Meet Female World’s Oldest Bodybuilder

Meet Female World’s Oldest Bodybuilder

Ernestine Shepherd was born on June 16, 1936. She is one of the world’s oldest bodybuilder. She has even been declared the same by Guinness Book of World Records in 2010. Now, she is 82 years old and still active, but she is no more competitive.

Shepherd started her life as a model. she was staying in Baltimore then. But when she was 56 years old, she along with her sister tried some bathing suits and didn’t like the way they looked in the same.

Ernestine Shepherd Oldest BodyBuilder Posing
Ernestine Shepherd Posing Front

The legend recalls

“My sister and I didn’t like the way we looked in bathing suits. So after that, we said ‘we got to get fit!’ So we started going to a gym and working out. That started the whole thing. At that time, I was 56 years old,”

She started her fitness journey with her aerobics classes and then there was no looking back for her. Soon both the sisters were competing in the bodybuilding competitions. Her sister started competing by the name of Velvet and Shepherd competed by the name of Ernie. But unfortunately, her sister died at the age of 92 due to a brain aneurysm.

Shepherd continued her bodybuilding career in the memory of her sister. When she was 56 years old, the lady was a proud winner of two bodybuilding titles. She also went ahead and run nine marathons. She also leads exercises and works as a personal trainer.

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Ernestine Shepherd - Oldest Bodybuilder
Ernestine Shepherd – Oldest Bodybuilder Posing Shoulders

Her diet consists of 1700 calories per day. It mostly has boiled eggs, chicken whites, vegetables, liquid egg white drink and much more. She also consumes a glass of raw egg whites three times a day.

She also runs about 80 miles every week. And she is one of the trainers who has said that she is all natural and has never consumed any form of supplements. She is trained by former Mr. Universe Yohnnie Shambourger. She also works as a community trainer at the Church and many such public places.

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