BodyPower 2019 is happening in UK

BodyPower 2019 is happening in UK

BodyPower 2019 which is another name of the fitness world. The global fitness media brand which is known for promoting inspiration, fitness, and motivation among fitness enthusiasts. This time BodyPower is all set to showcase its new innings with Birmingham.

BodyPower 2019 is happening in UK
BodyPower 2019 is happening in UK

Yes, you heard it right. Birmingham gets ready to get some advanced dose of fitness along with some guide of exercises between 10-12th May 2019.

What All will be covered here :


All about nutrition and your pre and post-training diet will also be covered. You will come to know about to get over cravings and intolerances in your diet. The best fuel about your body will also be discussed.

Fitness Training

You will get a complete insight into what is the current trend. What exercise should you do and what is the best exercise equipment available in the market. Also, you will get to know as to which muscles should you focus at and likewise.

General Health

A lot is also shared about general health. You should know as to what blood pressure or blood sugar should your body have. Which kind of exercises should a diabetic or a heart disease person do?


How can you enjoy a healthy and glowing skin even without the use of cosmetics? Exercises play a major role in your beauty game and that’s what will be taught by the beauty experts of BodyPower.


Know all about the latest gym wear. And BodyPower has some of the most amazing clothes under their gym which will keep you motivated about visiting the gym.

Where to get the tickets?

Last but not least, get your tickets in advance. You can get the tickets at none other than

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