Common Areas That Liposuction Can Treat

Common Areas That Liposuction Can Treat

Today, it is well known that there is just so much that a healthy diet and regular exercise can do to melt away fat. In fact, most people have certain “problem areas” on their bodies where the fat stubbornly remains no matter what they try.

The reason for this is often simple genetics. For one reason or another, your body is just programmed to carry a bit of extra cushioning here, while someone else’s body is programmed to carry their extra somewhere else.

Happily, today you don’t have to just “live with it” if you have certain problem areas on your body that you can’t resolve. Liposuction offers you a way to trim and sculpt those areas to give your body the balanced, fit, healthy look you crave.

Learn more about common areas that liposuction can address and how to prepare for this treatment!


The belly is a major source of embarrassment and shame for many women and men today. For many women, pregnancy is a major source of stubborn belly fat that won’t go away no matter how much they work out.

For men and women alike, successfully completing a major diet or the simple effects of gravity over time can also conspire to increase fat deposits in the tummy area. This makes the belly one of the hands-down most popular areas for liposuction treatment today.

For moms in particular, sometimes liposuction is combined with a tummy tuck in what is called a “mommy makeover” to achieve the desired results of a flat, fit tummy.

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The quest for the elusive “thigh gap” is one reason that many women seek out liposuction for their thighs. For other women, it is a lower body that doesn’t look proportional to their upper body due to what appears to be overly large thighs.

For still other people, men, and women alike, sagging thighs that create a “saddle bag” effect brings them to Dr. Steinbrech’s office in search of liposuction. Treatment can both improve the lines of the body and the look of the thighs and also increase comfort while standing, walking and sitting.


The hips are another area that is frequently identified for liposuction treatment. For some men and women, the issue may be the presence of a “muffin top” or “love handles” that extends from the hips into the belly and lower abdominal area, which would be treated with liposuction in both areas.

For some women, in particular, they just want to be able to buy a bikini set without having to up-size the bottoms or a dress that doesn’t need alteration in the skirt.

Whatever the reason may be, liposuction is a very effective way to sculpt and smooth the lines of the body by trimming the hips, which can also bring out other curves, such as the appearance of more rounded, lifted buttocks.

Chin and Neck

Some people are just born with what appears to be a “double chin.” This is actually a simple issue of fat deposits in the area of the chin and neck that is typically genetically inherited.

For many people, this doesn’t really become a source of concern until gravity sets in later in life. As the skin begins to naturally sag with age, the double chin effect becomes more pronounced in men and women alike.

Sometimes chin and neck liposuction is done together with a neck lift, and sometimes liposuction is sufficient to achieve the desired results.

Upper Arms.

If you have ever heard the term “bat wings,” you already know how these liposuction patients feel about the sagging skin and fat deposits in their upper arms. These areas tend to develop with age as the skin beneath the upper arms starts to succumb to gravity.

Liposuction, with its minimally invasive aesthetics-focused approach, can remove fat deposits from this highly visible area of the body and leave no trace behind. For men and women who have a great deal of loose skin as well (this sometimes happens after a major diet effort), liposuction can be combined with an upper arm lift (brachioplasty) to achieve the hoped-for results.


Men, in particular, can feel quite sensitive about excess fat deposits in the chest area, which can give the illusion of “male breasts.” For some women as well, too much tissue in the breast and chest area can create chronic back and shoulder pain.

In these cases, liposuction is often a go-to treatment to remove the excess fat from the chest area. For either men or women, this can be done on its own or combined with a breast reduction to provide body symmetry, ease pain and deliver a fit and healthy looking result.

Combination Liposuction

If you have been reading through this list of common areas for liposuction treatment and realize you have more than one area you would like to have treated, rest assured this is very possible!

Many patients choose to have liposuction in multiple areas during the same procedure. This minimizes time away from work as well as recovery time and helps you achieve the results you crave much faster.

Liposuction is a well established and trusted procedure that many patients use to achieve the slim, toned, trim and fit body no diet or exercise program has been able to deliver. The process starts with your one-to-one consultation with Dr. Steinbrech so you can discuss your dreams and goals!

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