Almased for Weight Loss: Do They Work and Are They Safe?

Almased for Weight Loss: Do They Work and Are They Safe?

Many celebrities and professional athletes claim that the formula of a slender body is simple as a pie. All you need is to eat wholesome food, sweat in the gym or on the track, and forget about junk food as soda drinks, chips, miscellaneous fast food and other items rich in fat and sugar. Unfortunately, not each person can dedicate all its time to improving the appearance. As a rule, a life of an ordinary individual is filled with numerous daily tasks, nervous tension, and unstable nutrition. As a result, certain areas of the body accumulate excess fat.

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Alamsed for Weight Loss

Additives for Weight Loss

Even if you lack in time for versatile activities aimed at putting the body into shape, you can begin with simple dieting. Actually, it is not simple since adding a meal replacement to the daily ration is a good solution. Such diet additive acts as a full meal with a reduced number of kcal. It is much more beneficial to drink an MR shake instead of swallowing up burgers or other junk food.

Is Almased Derived from Amazed?

Leaping ahead, we should confess that nothing amazing is observed within the meal replacement titled Almased. Despite such boastful claims as a boost of energy and metabolism, reduction of hunger and blood sugar, the reality associated with the supplement is not bright.

Perhaps, the taste of the shake should be wonderful. Miss again. It is a challenge to find a review with positive words about the taste.

Down with taste, since people want to get weight loss results. In this case, nothing is so evident. In fact, you may find some reviews with praiseful remarks like “I managed to cut 2lbs within a week” or “Great performance despite the terrible taste”. Unfortunately, the number of such reviews is incomparably low amid hundreds of negative feedbacks on Amazon and other web resources.


Safety of any product relies on its ingredients. Though you won’t find serious hazardous components in the content of Almased, be prepared to face some unwilling reactions like the increase of estrogen level. This particular issue can be caused by phytoestrogens contained in soy. Another natural compounds of soy, phytates, are known for reducing iron in the body. In general, soy products are not healthy as they are usually marketed for the population.

Other ingredients do not raise any questions and are deemed safe for the human health.


If you begin losing weight endeavors, you abandon sugar at first. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Almased has missed this vital prerequisite and packed the supplement with tremendous 15g of this unwholesome ingredient. The energy value of the shake is also big – 180 kcal. Still, the merchandise has positive points like a decent volume of protein – 27 grams. Yet, the quality of this core element leaves much to be desired.

Let’s be honest to state that the shake is not effective. In addition to possible side effects (increased estrogen, hormone imbalance, increased blood sugar) and disgusting taste, people won’t get desired weight loss results.

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