Let’s Compare 3 Top Otoscope Brands for 2018

Like every other brand in the world, Otoscope brands have also taken a giant stride in making themselves the very best from their competitors. There is no doubt that each one of them is the very best giving tremendous features and making human’s life easier from their innovative quality of products.

But, still, there were some ones which outnumbered the rest one and made it to the Top 3 Otoscope Brands for 2018. You may find different otoscope reviews on the Internet but this one will be a lot more different.

So, let’s Compare the Top Otoscope Brands for 2018:

  1. Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn Otoscope 25020

Among the different category of Otoscope Brands, the Welch Allyn is one of the best from the lot. The Welch Allyn pocket scope otoscope which has a user rating of 3.4 out of 5 made remarkable results for serving the patients as well as for home use. Talking about its durability, it is the most stringent and well-built otoscope you will ever find in the market. Some more features of this Otoscope are as follows:


  • Light Weight

An otoscope being lightweight can be easily handled by customers and will prove to be much handy while using it during various treatments and examinations.

  • LED Indication

Not all otoscopes come with an LED lamp and this is where the Welch Allyn beats them by a wide margin. It consists of a SureColorTM which comes in standard with this otoscope.

  • Usage of Fiber Optics

Fibers are known for non-reflection usages and the same is used by Welch Allyn. It constitutes fiber optics which provides cool light and a surety of no reflections or obstructions.

  • Portable

Patients need the utmost level of care and satisfaction whenever they come for treatment. Hence, the more portable an otoscope is, the easier it will be to treat patients and give them the kind of treatment they desire of.

  • Color Variants

The Color Factor has also been taken into a keen consideration by Welch Allyn. Their Otoscope comes in different colors such as Vanilla, Onyx, Blueberry, Plum and much more.


  • Charger Not Available

Most Products does not come with a desktop Charger and buying one can take a lot of hectic work.

Apart from the above otoscope, the Welch Allyn 25020 diagnostic otoscopes with specula had a user rating of 3.9 out of 5, which is yet another one meant for professional use.


  1. Dr. MOM LED Otoscope

4th Generation Dr. Mom LED Otoscope

For those who are in need of an Otoscope for homely purposes, Dr. Mom LED Otoscope can do a pretty decent job. Their Otoscopes are much affordable and are packed with features which make them a brand worth every penny. One product of such good brand is the 4th generation Dr. Mom Led Pocket Otoscope with a user rating of 4.6 out of 5. Thus, let us discuss some of the features and depict so as to why this brand made its way into the top 3 Otoscope of 2018.


  • Shock Resistant

Their otoscope comes with a shock resistant property which is enabled because of the Soft LED light. Also, this light can last longer and does not need any kind of replacement whatsoever.

  • Solid Quality-Built

The Dr. Mom Led Otoscope has their durability norms and works relentlessly to deploy quality built products to their customers. The products can last for a longer duration without any issue of wear and tear.

  • Inclusion of a Weblink

It contains a web link with 30 high-resolution pictures of eardrum pathology and also contains a list of instructions written by an ER physician.


  • Not for large-scale use

Dr. Mom LED otoscope is not meant for large-scale uses and you can find several high-end brands for the same.

  • Led Light not bright enough

The light of an LED is not bright enough and does require a clear visualization to get a better viewing for treatment.


  1. Taxxan otoscope

taxxan otoscope

Taxxan have finally made it to the list of otoscopes in 2018 and the Taxxan otoscope reviews are widely spread on the Internet. Still, there are some features of this brand which makes it different from the rest.


  • Upgraded 5X optical lens

Taxxan otoscope uses a high-quality 5X optical lens which is scratch resistant which can give the best possible viewing experience.

  • Premium Quality Led Bulb

It provides clear and a true view and also uses the fiber optic technology for long lasting and bright illumination.

  • Extended battery life

The Fiber Optic technology with LED bulb delivers a long-lasting battery backup.


  • Price factor

Yet Taxxan’s professional providence of otoscope, the price of Taxman’s otoscope is a bit on the higher side.

Final Thoughts

Choosing which one will be the best will surely depend on the individual to individual. Thus, we have done a deep comparison of otoscopes explaining the unique features of each one.

Now, you use your understanding, compare otoscopes based on the above information and you will surely pick the best one which will cater your needs to a great level of excellence.


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