How To Decrease Craving For Food?

How To Decrease Craving For Food?

In the world of today, people have become extremely choosy when it comes to eating food. But this certainly does not mean that you have to kill your desire to eat tasty food. You can spoil yourself once in a while to give a break to the monotonous regime that you may have been following for long.

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The only thing is that you must be aware of where to draw a line:

  • Food cravings can give the toughest time to even the most disciplined people. However, it is essential to understand that you don’t have to kill your cravings. In fact there are ways with the help of which you can decrease craving for food. Lets see how.
  • Plan your meals: When I say plan your meals, it means having six small meals throughout the day. The advantage of doing this is that you will be eating every 3-4 hours that will keep your stomach full and less focus will be towards gorging on unhealthy snacks.
  • Divert your cravings: The best way to manage food cravings is to divert your mind and indulge in something else that distracts your mind completely off the cravings. For example you could talk to a friend, read a book or go for a workout and by the end of that you will realize that your craving is over. When you really crave to have an ice cream, try doing ten push-ups and see how the craving vanishes. It really works!
  • Moderation is the key: When you have decided to give yourself a treat once in a week and you have chosen to eat food that your taste buds are craving for, then you must eat it in moderation. This has two advantages. One is that your taste buds will be satisfied and craving will be over. And the second advantage is that you will not have added on to a lot of calories to your system.
  • Drink lots of water: Doctors always recommend people trying to lose weight to drink lots of water. This is because drinking water suppresses the diet and makes the stomach feel fuller. Automatically decrease craving for food.
  • Substitute your craving: There are foods that can satisfy unusual hunger pangs and cravings and are equally healthy. Try substituting unhealthy foods with healthy foods. For example: You have a deep desire to have sugary food one day. What you can have instead is cranberries, sweet potato, fresh fruits or raisins. Similarly, you can substitute your craving for salty foods with nuts or seeds and feel satisfied.
  • Avoid or plan: Out of sheer excitement and deep temptation, even if you may have bought a packet of fried chips or a box of chocolates or fattening cupcakes, a very good idea is to avoid it completely. The other option can be to take it in a very small quantity that it doesn’t disrupt your diet or add extra calories or fat.

Disclaimer: The above content is only a compilation of facts from a variety of resources – accuracy of information is not guaranteed.