Detangling the Complexities in Haircare Market

Detangling the Complexities in Haircare Market

In today’s world of social media and audience as followers, marketing haircare products has drastically changed. Haircare products have always ranked very high in the overall sales review in the beauty market. What was once considered acceptable among the materials used in the haircare products is now questioned, double checked and re-examined. The awareness about environment friendly, sustainable, natural and healthy has grown among people and this product sensitivity has also influenced the leading haircare brands to change their approach in creating haircare products. There is a growing trend in buying haircare products that are of a premium value with well backed up use of natural, pure organic, paraben and sulphate free ingredients. There is also a lot of innovation involved in creating haircare tools too like hair brushes, hair straighteners and hair dryers.

Reaching out to younger shoppers

The best media platform to reach younger audiences is through social media. Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Tweeter are usually the one that are mostly used for marketing the hair care products with younger shoppers as targets. While creating new products there is also the trend of focusing on men and creating haircare for men, using natural ingredients and having a broader picture of the ethnic background of the consumers. Online platforms like BeautySourcing are also a place to go if you are interested to find the latest trends in hair care products . According to a report done by Tmall and CNBData, there is a high demand for premium shampoos. Because of the need in the market for scalp treatments and the problem solving products made to meet this need, some online platforms create a special designated category for scalp care. It is stated by Alizila that the scalp care product’s sales went up by 340%. According to the Fortune Business Insights the global market sales in haircare reached USD 75.06 billion in 2020. It is predicted that it will reach USD 112.97 billion by 2028.

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The most popular haircare products

Shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and scalp serums, hair masks, hair oils, hair detangling sprays are just to name a few of the most popular haircare products the world uses at the moment. There is no need to mention the competitive nature of this market. The most popular brands like L’Oréal, Johnsons and Johnsons, Henkel, Procter and Gamble, etc. are following the latest trends in order to create the most desired products. There are also some new brands like Keranique, Shapiro Hers/Hims, Tangle teezer that stepped in, following the customers needs for haircare products. They invest in innovation so that they can manage the fast demanding need of haircare products that can solve alopecia problems (hair loss) or detangling hair while brushing. Here are some of their latest and most popular products:

  • Shapiro MD hairgrowth experts, woman’s regrowth kit
  • Keranique hair regrowth treatment 2% Minoxidil
  • Hers triple treat shampoo with Saw Palmetto
  • Hims shampoo thik fix
  • Tangle teezer everyday detangling spray

They cooperate with dermatologists and hair specialists to find the most efficient ways to get rid of dandruff or oily hair, stop hair breakages and delay the hair turning grey. Some brands are redesigning their packaging into something more eco friendly so that they raise awareness or upcycling. In all of this pursuit to create the perfect and most helpful haircare products, the brands are also trying to take care of our planet as well by using eco friendly ingredients.

What is important for the haircare businesses is to keep follow this trend of innovation and gathering data about what the market and our planet needs. The haircare businesses need to keep developing safe, natural and practical haircare products by investigating the needs of the market, being there to the main hair specialists events and shows, being proactive and hands on about what the customers need.

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