The Essential Guide to Caring for Your Eyelash Extensions

The Essential Guide to Caring for Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions instantly enhance your eyes with length, volume, and curl. But to keep your falsies looking flawless, regular cleaning is a must. The buildup of oil, makeup, and debris can make eyelash extensions look clumpy and compromised.

With the right maintenance techniques, your lush lashes from the best eyelash extension brands will stay stunning for the full 6-8 week lifespan.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about properly caring for your eyelash extension investment. From the best products and tools to techniques and scheduling, we break down the basics of keeping your falsies fabulous.

Read on for expert tips on cleaning eyelash extensions and maintaining eye-opening, envy-worthy lashes.

The Basics of Cleaning Eyelash Extensions

To preserve the integrity of eyelash extensions, gentleness is key. Aggressive scrubbing or over-cleansing can damage the adhesive bonds causing early shedding. Aim for thorough but delicate cleaning.

Use lash-specific cleansers, not a regular makeup remover. Formulas like NovaLash Lash Bath dissolve buildup without breaking down the glue-like oil-based removers. Massage the cleanser along the lash line and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

Invest in a quality lash brush. Spooly brushes with soft, spaced-out bristles allow you to gently brush along the extensions to remove dust and debris. Never share lash brushes to avoid spreading bacteria.

Schedule occasional cleanse appointments with your lash artist. Every 2-4 weeks they’ll remove shed lashes and buildup the daily cleansing can’t tackle.

This refreshes your set with the for longevity.

Weekly Deep Cleansing

In addition to daily cleansing, set aside time each week for a deeper cleanse treatment. Start by softly brushing as usual to remove any surface debris.

Next, dampen a clean cotton pad with a lash extension cleanser. Press and hold the pad along your lash line, making sure the product soaks into the extensions. Let the cleanser sit for 5-10 minutes so it can fully break down oil and makeup buildup.


With consistent, careful cleaning, your lush eyelash extensions will last the full 6-8 weeks between fills. Make cleansing a daily habit and get ready to wow the world with your flawless fringe.

Dedicate the time needed to properly care for your investment in long-lasting lashes from the best eyelash extension brands. Simply brushing away debris each morning and night will help extensions look fresh and new longer. Pair that with weekly deep cleanses and professional clean-ups as needed.

While cleaning eyelash extensions takes precision, the payoff of fuller, defined eyes is well worth it. So be gentle, be thorough, and watch your lashes thrive with the right care. Consistent cleansing will keep your eyes healthy, your extensions in place and your beauty routine on point.

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