Five Must-Ask Questions for Your LASIK Surgeon

Five Must-Ask Questions for Your LASIK Surgeon

For the success of a LASIK procedure, the patient also has to give his/her inputs, follow instructions and precautions related to the surgery. If you will remain dependent on the LASIK centre or the surgeon and won’t play an active role then you may not get the satisfactory surgery as you were wish for. Since it’s the matter of your eyes therefore you won’t like that get unsatisfactory results after spending amount of money and time, would you?

So, what are the things you should need to know before getting the LASIK?

The first and foremost thing you should try to know is about the reputation, qualities and experience of your LASIK surgeon. It is the most essential thing because he/she is going to perform the surgery on ‘your’ eyes. A small mistake by the surgeon can damage your eyes for a very long period of time. Therefore, it’s suggested to get LASIK from a very experienced surgeon in your region.

Other things that you also need to know is about the technology they are using, the type of LASIK you have been advised and definitely about the reputation of the centre. Before going to any LASIK centre, it’s always better that you go through the customers’ reviews and the ratings received by the surgeon and centre by checking out various websites.

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Know your Surgeon well

So, you will get the information about the other stuffs on Internet or by asking people but what about the ‘Getting to know your surgeon’ thing? There are many people who get confused about what they should ask their surgeon during their meeting for the Lasik procedure. Here are 5 crucial questions that you should ask your LASIK surgeon before the surgery.

What is your experience?

It’s best to get LASIK from a surgeon who has been practicing for more than ‘just few years’. Even if its 5 years, you should still look for surgeon who has practiced more than that. The more the experience, the better! LASIK is a surgery which needs a lot of precision work which can be attained only through rigorous practice.

LASIK was approved during the 1990s so if your surgeon says that he or she has been practicing from before that, you should definitely get a clarification from him or her.

Also search for a surgeon who has performed a number of surgeries in his or her career. The number of surgeries also determines his or her experience. There are a number of top-level surgeons who have already performed over 10,000 procedures. If you are lucky enough to find such surgeon then you won’t have to worry much!

When you ask about the surgeon’s experience don’t forget to ask how many of his or her surgeries were ‘Bladeless’, which will be used on your eyes and how many patients got recovered who had the same problem as yours.

If your LASIK surgeon has certificates of special training such as fellowships, workshops, or they belong to some professional associations or hold lecturer posts in Medical colleges, then it signals that he or she is an experience LASIK surgeon.

Have you performed LASIK surgery on family members or other doctors?

Preforming surgeries on family members or loved ones is always tricky for surgeons. If your surgeon has a history of performing successful surgery on his or her loved ones then you should trust your surgeon fully. These are the ultimate testimonials of an expert LASIK surgeon. But yeah, if your surgeon has no such history then also it’s OK!

What happens if I need an enhancement?

Not all LASIKs are perfectly fine; you may need enhancement in the future. Therefore, it’s essential that you get information about the ‘Future enhancements’. There are many LASIK centres which provide ‘Lifetime enhancement Policy’ such as TLC Laser Eye Centres. Be sure that you completely understand your enhancement policy and know the details. Don’t forget to ask whether they are going to use the same technology for your enhancement and which eye conditions has the maximum chances of enhancement.

According to the research of Market Scope, the average LASER surgery providers will do ‘enhancement’ surgery on approximately 5% of the patients. So, it will be best if you can get the details on the number of enhancement performed by a particular LASIK centre every year!

What happens after surgery?

You won’t attain a perfect vision just after the surgery. You will have to go through several Post-operative tests for ensuring your eyes are in a good condition. Generally, most of the surgeons schedule a follow up within 24 hours of the Surgery. In addition to that you may have to go through one week, one month or may be three month eye check-ups and health check-ups. So, you need to ensure that your LASER eye surgeon is partnered with an ophthalmologist who will perform the post-surgical tests. If your surgeon doesn’t seem much interested about your post-operative eye care then it is better not to take his/her assistance.

Where can I find patient’s testimonials or speak with former patients?

Almost all LASIK eye centres keep testimonial and contact details of former patients. If required you may also speak with the former patient who had gone through the same surgery and had the same eye condition as yours. However, you may end up getting only positive reviews! But you can use the opportunity to know details about the procedure and other information which may be helpful to you!

Conclusion: If you get satisfactory answers to all these questions then you may not worry about your surgery and fully trust your surgeon. But even if you don’t then it’s OK, because if you find an experienced surgeon then there are minimal chances of getting unsatisfactory outcome. Also according to the studies, 92 to 96 % of the LASIK surgeries performed all around the world are successful. However, if you have any kind of doubt in your mind, then you should not be afraid of asking. It’s the matter of your eyes; it’s your responsibility that you get the best of the best for them!

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