Food Allergies and Weight Loss

Food Allergies and Weight Loss

Based on surveys, conducted by specialized websites, 37 percent of people suffer from food allergies and they are lactose intolerant. Have you ever had situations in your life when even regular proper diet couldn’t help you to lose weight? Do you crave for certain foods daily? Perhaps, you are prone to food allergy, and it can cause weight gain.

However, if you know the symptoms, the ways of reducing the inflammation and the rules of a healthy diet, then you are likely to lose weight.

How Does Food Allergy Work?

A food allergy develops in people with bad heredity and enzyme deficiency, besides, small children are especially prone to it. In fact, certain foods may cause inflammation, which promotes the secretion of hormones: insulin and cortisol – it is the hormone, which increases the level of glucose in the blood. Moreover, it causes fluid retention, which in turn, makes the body accumulate fat and you can’t burn it. Note that the regular consumption of allergens creates a permanent inflammation, which contributes to the development of chronic diseases and weight gain.

What Are the Symptoms?

They appear either immediately or within a few hours after the allergen has been ingested, and it becomes problematic to find out the allergen. The severity of symptoms depends on the amount of food eaten, the age of the person and the state of immunity.

The most spread signs are burning sensation in the mouth, swelling of the tongue and lips, skin rash, dizziness, nausea. Sometimes a fever and angioedema may be observed.

How to Cure Food Allergy?

The main ways to eliminate allergens and re-balance your gut ecology are the following:

  1. The first step is to cut off most common allergens: peanuts, foods with gluten, eggs, soy, corn.
  2. To get necessary nutrients for the proper gut functioning, eat only whole foods and plant-based foods.
  3. Take probiotics every day as they form intestinal micro flora and restore it, furthermore, they ensure the production of biotin and vitamin K.

Thus, only after following these steps, you may try to lose weight.

How to Lose Weight if You are Food Allergic?

Food is not a sentence, be sure, you can shed excess pounds just sticking to these tips:

  • Eat on a schedule

Try eating at the same time every day, eat often, but make portions small. If you skip a meal, it will have a negative impact, because your hunger will intensify and ultimately, you will eat more than necessary.

  • Reduce the inflammation

The regular decrease of the inflammation is vital. Consume foods, which contain anti-inflammatory substances: dark berries, ginger, cherries.

  • Control of hormones is important

Understand that losing weight if you are allergic is not about a permanent count of calories, it is about controlling and stabilizing the level of hormones in your blood (insulin, leptin).

  • Do not be addicted to certain nutrition

You’ve realized that you have favorite foods, which have anti-inflammatory properties, but at the same time, they can become a health hazard if you eat them permanently.

The consuming of the same products for a long time leads to the bad absorption of nutrients. As a result, due to your monotonous diet, you do not get the vitamins and nutrients that are found in other products, this deficiency in nutrients is bad for health. Moreover, avoid eating sweets, replace them with fruit, since they do not contain glucose.

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  • High-calorie drinks are harmful

There are beverages, which contain empty calories, which only add fat, for instance, latte, soda, so go for drinks with high nutritious value, such as fresh juice.

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  • Integrate fitness into your daily life

To lose weight, you must combine both a healthy diet and physical exercises. So, try to obey to the diet plan and do sports every day. Weight reduction specialties have proved that constant walks at least for thirty minutes five times per week contribute to the weight loss. Also, walking helps to keep up blood sugar level and is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Be aware of your allergens

Once you’ve identified products you are allergic to, eliminate these foods from your diet. Thus, you can create your healthy eating plan and lose weight without any harm.

All in all, if you know your allergic foods, engage in physical activity, follow the diet, and consider the mentioned tips, then the weight loss won’t be a problem for you.

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