Garima Jain gets engaged to a diamond merchant in an arranged marriage

Garima Jain gets engaged to a diamond merchant in an arranged marriage

Garima Jain, Shakti – Astitva Ki Ehsaas actress is a well-known actress on the professional front. But sadly her personal life has not been that smooth sailing.

The lady who was one related to Vivian who also happens to be her co-star on the show. The two had a quite unpopular relationship exchange and that ended abruptly.

Garima Jain and Vivian
Vivian and Garima Jain

Now the news is that the beautiful lady has listened to her parents and finally said yes to an arranged marriage set up. She got engaged on 13th June 2019 with a diamond merchant Raahul Sarraf. This match is set by a matchmaker.

On her engagement day, the lady wrote

“It’s time to tell you all that I have found my prince charming – Raahul Sharaf. A guy with a golden heart who has moved to India from London. It’s his birthday today and I couldn’t think of a better occasion to make this announcement. With all of your blessings and good wishes, we hope to have an everlasting fairytale life filled with love and happiness. I am blessed to have found a soulmate who constantly thinks of my happiness and wellbeing. I am truly blessed.”

She also updated her status on her Facebook account as well.

Garima Jain announced on social media
Garima Jain announced on social media about her engagement

Garima’s fiancée Raahul shared how they met for the first time.

‘We met through a matrimonial website, and I met Garima’s mother first. She liked me and suggested I meet Garima. You wouldn’t believe that we spoke on the phone at 2 PM in the afternoon, and we connected so well that we met that evening itself. After a three-hour meeting, we were still talking all night. We plan to get married by the end of this year. For work purposes, I used to travel very frequently. I used to spend four months in America and four months in London, but now I will spend more time in Mumbai and call this city my home.”

Regarding her past link up rumors, the man said

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“Garima has denied all the speculations and put rumors to rest. I would just say that everyone has a past, and that is none of my concern. All that matters to me is our present and our future together. Every day, you evolve and become a better personality and human being.”

Garima also added some details about Rahul

Garima Jain engaged with fiancee Raahul
Garima Jain with fiancee Raahul

“Raahul is a diamond merchant, who recently moved to India after working in London for several years. He now operates his business from Mumbai. He is an honest guy and that’s what I like best about him. He is not from the industry and doesn’t know anything about it. I thought I would have to compromise professionally, and I was prepared for it, but I am glad that he doesn’t expect me to stop working after marriage. We will be tying the knot very soon.”

Regarding her decision to go for an arranged marriage, the lady said

“I have seen many relationships go kaput, because of loyalty issues. I had told my mother to find a match for me, as I trust her choice.”

We wish the duo all the best in their lives.

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