Get Clear Skin with Water in Five Interesting Ways

Get Clear Skin with Water in Five Interesting Ways

Our body can survive for days without food but without water, it is not able to drive itself for long. Water is very important for the body to run all the biological functions efficiently and keep the body hydrated.

Water is odorless and tasteless but you can make many beverages and dishes by adding other ingredients to it. It doesn’t matter what form of water you are drinking, be it plain tap water, natural spring water or fizzy water, it will refresh your body and removes the false hunger pangs.

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It is found that dehydration in the body stimulates the false feeling of hunger which makes you eat more and gain more calories. Therefore, you should always drink water on empty stomach half an hour before the meal. This will prevent unnecessary dilution of digestive juices and you won’t do overeating. Drinking plenty of water works positively on your weight and skin as it cleanses the body from inside.

Generally we are recommended to drink 3-4 liters of water in a day but we don’t drink the recommended amount which makes our body dehydrated. To avoid such situation, we have 5 interesting solutions to increase your water intake.

Motivate yourself in a weird way

Your pee color can tell you that if you are drinking sufficient amount of water or not. If it is pale yellow or clear then you are drinking enough water to sustain your body water needs but if your urine is dark colored then it a sign to get worried because your body is not getting required amount of water. Many toxic elements get excreted from our body through water in form of urine and if you will not drink right amount of water then these toxins will build up inside the body and interfere in the biological reactions and cause diseases. Therefore, understand your water needs and drink water as much as can.

Add some flavor

Now when you have decided that you won’t keep your body water deprived then you must be looking for ways to increase your water intake. If you can’t drink glasses of plain water then you can be creative with it by adding mint leaves, flavors of orange, cucumber, strawberry and lemon to make it a tasty and refreshing drink. If you are not innovative then also there are options like no-calorie seltzer water which comes in many flavors. So pick your favorite flavor and cheers!!

Add colorful and juicy fruits in your plate

If the idea of drinking water is boring then think of juicy fruits like papaya, berries, oranges, cherries, grapes, peaches, watermelon, strawberries and apples. These can easily take care of the twenty percent of your water needs. In addition, you can have water rich veggies like carrots, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, peas, and tomatoes or make a yummy veggie soup out of it. This will give you an added benefit, you will get loads of vitamin and minerals while you are meeting your water requirements. Fruit juice is another way to get water into the body but juice has some calories and if you want to cut it down then you can dilute the fruit juice by adding some ice into it.

Say no to caffeine and Nicotine

Have you ever realized that you feel thirsty after having a cup of your favorite coffee, tea, hot chocolate or aerated drinks? If you have felt so and wondered that why it happened then the answer is that these drinks have caffeine into them and it has diuretic effect on your body. It increases the risk of dehydration in the body and make your skin looking tired, greasy and cause spots on it.

Alcohol and smoking also don’t leave any positive effect on you because alcohol in excessive amount can lead to split veins while smoking harms the blood vessels, nail beds, promote skin aging and skin darkening. The best way to reduce the effect of these harmful products is to consume lot of water to keep your body hydrated and refreshed.

Drink water on regular time

Drink two glasses of water after you leave your bed in the morning. it will help in clearing your digestive system. You should drink a glass of water on every two hours after that. Stick to your schedule and don’t drink water all the time as it can cause cell bloating and you may experience dizziness. On the other hand, you can take water rich foods and juices instead of plain water. If you go for a workout then you must keep yourself hydrated by drinking glass of water before, in between and after the workout. You should always carry a bottle whenever you step out of your house. Make it a habit to keep yourself healthy and refreshed.

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