How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster – Tips

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster – Tips

You want to sport a new look every week but can’t do so because of short hair or medium length hairs and every time you try to let them grow, they end up with split ends. You can make your dream of having long hairs a reality by following these easy to apply tips.

Make some alterations in your plate

Since your hairs are made up of Keratin which is a protein therefore it is very easy to deduce that you should eat more proteins in order to grow new hairs. To get these building blocks of hair, you should add protein rich sources such as fish, eggs, lean meat, beans, nuts and soy products into your diet.

Mineral deficiency immediately affects the existing hairs by making them limp and lifeless and also hampers the hair growth. Iron deficiency or Anemia affects the transmission of oxygen to the hair follicles as well as interfering with the protein utilization of the body which causes hair growth. You can get iron from eggs, lean meat, beans, lentils, tofu and soybeans.

Same goes with another mineral Zinc, which helps in repairing and growth of the tissues and maintains the working condition of the oil glands around the follicle. You can include zinc rich foods like lean meat, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, oyster and crabs, fortified grain products such as cereal, pasta, bread, etc. Besides that, you can also take supplements for zinc and iron deficiency but it should be taken only then when it is prescribed by a doctor.

For maintaining healthy hairs, you must add good fats like MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty acid), PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid) etc. Fats are essential for absorption of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K.

The tanginess of Vitamin C is a must in your diet unless you want dull, dry and brittle hair. Well, vitamin C deficiency can do all those bad things to your hair. So, you should remember that it is a crucial component of collagen, a fiber which is required for the production of new hair cells. It also helps in absorption of iron, which makes it a golden nutrient. You can take citrus fruits, guava, broccoli, kale, peppers and pineapple along with iron rich foods.

Vitamin B has been found to be very helpful in speeding the rate of hair growth. Consult your doctor for vitamin B supplements and you can also take the concerned vitamin by natural sources like spinach, potatoes, peas, beet, broccoli, oatmeal, seafood, bananas, lentils, lean meat, soybean products etc. Its deficiency may cause thinning and hair loss problems.

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Your dietary modifications will not make your hair longer overnight, but it will take at least 6 months to give you long and healthy hairs.

Say a big NO to stress

Stress is a big reason of hair related problems such as dull and dry hair, dandruff, hair fall, etc. High level of stress put your body in the survival mode, which makes the body do top priority functions like repairing and maintenance of important organs and thus the body neglects the growth and nourishment of hairs and make them lifeless. When your body remains relaxed or simply stress free then it utilize its nutrient resources on overall growth and nourishment which also includes hair growth.

Some harmful events and agents like dietary supplements, drugs, trauma and hyperactivity elevates the stress level in the body which in turn reduces or stops the hair growth completely. Try to find out the cause of your stress if you suspect any of the above mentioned stresses in your body. The consistent stress level will keep the focus of your body away from your hair growth and your body utilize the nutrients in other functions.

You can have a healthy and speedy hair growth only then when you will remove all emotional and psychological stress like insecurity, grief, low adapting ability etc.

Check out the health related complications

If you have consistent hair problem for years, then you should find out if there is any medical reason behind it. There can be many health related issues which may be slowing your hair growth like substance abuse disorder, eating disorder, prescribed medication, prolonged illness, genetic or family history. It is quite possible that if you cure the cause then you can get back your normal and healthy hair.

If you think that any prescribed medication is showing its side effects on your hair, which is generally found in case of contraceptive pills, rheumatic medications, antidepressants, heart and blood pressure medications then you should consult to your doctor immediately for a change in prescription.

Infection on the scalp area also induces hair loss and hampers the growth since the inflammation of scalp stop the follicles from growing. Treat the infection with medical help before it spreads and covers the whole scalp. Generally hair grows normally after the infection got treated.

Try not to starve yourself with restricted diet or fasting. It will make your body nutrition deprived and your body will shut down your hair growth again.

Style your hair without damaging

Hair growth can be halted by frequent use of hair styling products like gel, mousse, hair color, sprays etc and styling tools and techniques like straightening, flattening and curling. It will make your hair thin and damaged. Although, the damage can be repaired, but regular use of these products and techniques slows down the repairing and growth process.

Try to avoid blowing dry your hair as it can break your hair strands very easily. Always comb your hairs after it gets dried and not more than twice a day. Avoid excessive or improper brushing of hairs as it will pull out the hair prematurely which prevents the hair growth. Always comb your hairs gently while putting your hair strands in one hand and combing with the other hand. If you have more tangles then you can use conditioner or detangling sprays.

Use of rubber band to hold a hair style should be avoided since it will snag the hair, which results into breakage or dislodging of hairs.

Wear natural and comfortable hairstyle like loose braid, side bun or simple ponytail since tight conformation of hairs can pull out the hair follicle and damage the entire length of the hair. Go for easy hairstyles which requires less styling products and no pulling of the hair roots.

Clean hair and scalp enhance the hair growth process that is why always choose the hair product wisely. Hair oils like olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil etc. can reduce the split ends and repairs the damaged hair. Use some oil on your hair ends before styling them by applying heat as it will protect them from damage.

You should use a hair mask or oil massage once a week because it will nourishes, cleans and beautify your hairs by giving them a soft and shiny texture. You can try many natural hair masks which are very effective and has no side effects.

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