Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

The hair transplant growth timeline is one of the most curious subjects of the transplant procedure. To get total efficiency from hair transplantation treatment, you must pay attention to the post-treatment processes. Within the scope of the hair transplant growth timeline, the first year after the treatment is taken as a basis. Mastering this process will also give you comprehensive information about the treatment.

What Is Hair Transplant Growth Timeline?

A hair transplant growth timeline is a process that covers many details about the treatment process. This timeline, created within the scope of hair transplant techniques, describes the growth rate of transplanted hair step by step. The success rate of hair transplant treatment, one of the most effective methods applied in today’s medical technology, is seen in this timeline.

1. Hair Transplant Growth Timeline: 1-6 Days

Within the scope of growth stages, it is necessary to look at the first one week after treatment. It is standard for swelling to occur in the transplant area within the first three days after treatment. Of course, this situation can be eliminated in a short time with some drugs. It is normal to have a skin rash in the donor area in the first week. After the treatment, your specialist will inform you about these issues.

2. Hair Transplant Growth Timeline: 7-10 Days

Within the scope of the hair transplant growth chart, hair may grow after the first week. You may encounter 1-2 mm long hair in the transplant area. In this process, you can also start the hair washing process with special shampoos recommended by your doctor. After the first week, the swelling and rash seen in the donor and transplant areas will also end.

3. Hair Transplant Growth Timeline: 1-3 Months

The first three months are also critical within the scope of the hair transplant growth timeline. Itching may occur in the transplanted area in the first month. At the same time, acne can be observed on the scalp and forehead. Such complications are also related to the natural functioning of the process. During the first three months, the growth rate of the hair also increases. It is usual for the first hair to be thin. Over time, your hair will thicken.

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4. Hair Transplant Growth Timeline: 5-6 Months

Hair transplant growth after 3 months is also called the growth phase of the hair. As of the first three months, the growth rate of the hair is relatively high. After 5 and 6 months, the hair growth process is considered complete. During this period, it can be observed that the hair is 2-3 cm long. Although some hair strands may seem sparse and thin, this will improve over time.

5. Hair Transplant Growth Timeline: 8-10 Months

The hair transplant 6 months to 12 months process is a process that is fully effective from the treatment. In the 8th and 10th months, the hair strands will begin to look healthier and more natural. Within the scope of the hair transplant growth timeline, you will now be able to get a better image.

6. Hair Transplant Growth Timeline: 12 Months

The last stage of the hair transplant growth timeline is one year after the treatment. It is possible to have more natural-looking and healthy hair during this period. Whether the treatment is successful or not will be clearly understood during this period. Twelve months after the treatment, you can shape and cut your hair as you wish. Your hair will continue to grow and develop as before.

After Hair Transplant Process

The important thing in the hair transplant growth timeline process is to follow the recommendations of your specialist doctor after the procedure. After the transplant, you will need to use vitamin drugs for a while. In addition, your doctor will give you painkillers and antibiotic derivatives. For the treatment to be successful, you may need to change some situations in your everyday life temporarily. For example, if you have an active sports life, you must take a break. You can continue to do sports three months after the treatment.

Another important recommendation is to protect yourself from the sun’s rays as much as possible. The transplanted area should be protected from harmful sun rays. Likewise, you will not need a blow dryer for a while.

You can stay in contact with your doctor during the hair transplant growth timeline. It is essential to contact your specialist physician immediately in case of an unexpected effect. While washing your hair, you should stay away from ordinary shampoos and conditioners. You should not use any hair product that your doctor does not recommend during the healing process.

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