How I Turned From ‘Bhaiyaan’ to ‘Saiyaan’

How I Turned From ‘Bhaiyaan’ to ‘Saiyaan’

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My love story isn’t like a common love story in which a guy and a girl just meet and fall in love. You won’t believe that my girlfriend once considered me her brother. Now you must be wondering how can a brother and a sister fall in love with each other? Friends, this is what my love story is all about and if you wish to know this twisted tale then you must step one year back with me.

(One year ago)

I fell in love with the girl on the very first day of our college. I saw her entering the classroom with a smile and her flicks swaying in the air and teasing her eyelashes. She appeared like a simple person who was blessed with immense beauty. She was giggling while communicating with her friends and her smile was just so different in an entire lot of girls present in our batch. I had no intention to speak to her on the first day as she might feel I am trying to flirt. I decided to wait for the right time and expected her to anyhow approach me so that I can at least start my love story with her. I don’t know whether I am worth her or not but I would not give up till she herself rejects me.

That day I felt lucky as she sat very close to me in the row just before my row. I kept on noticing her while she was busy communicating. I couldn’t stop smiling. But how to initiate this?

I decided to leave the situation as it is and leave everything in the hand of my fortune. I hence made an alternative plan that might be risky but I thought will work. That day in the class when she was talking to her friends I heard her name. ‘Maera’ was a really beautiful name. I was just waiting for the next day when I would get the chance to see her again.

Meanwhile, Maera has made a new friend on Facebook who claimed to be her batchmate but he was hiding his real identity. “Sameer Patel” was the name that reflected on his Facebook profile but Maera wasn’t aware of any Sameer in her class or any other section of the same batch. His profile picture wasn’t too clear for her to identify him. At first, she felt he might be someone who was trying to be too over-friendly and was lying to her but the moment Sameer mentioned about Maera’s activities in the class, she was sure he was someone in her class. But who was this guy?

These incidents continued for a month. Every day I would stare Maera and she would just chat with her mysterious FB friend.

One day, Maera came up to me and I somehow managed to control my emotions. She asked me for a favour as she wasn’t able to understand a question in Trignometry and she knew I was a genius.

“Excuse me, please can you help me with this question? Since the past five minutes, I’ve tried my level best to solve it but this is just too impossible. I’ve heard that you are one of the brilliant students in the class.”

“Wow! She knows me,” I thought.

“Sure,” I replied.

After I solved her sum, I expected her to initiate some conversation and she even did so. She asked me about my background and I felt glad that she was taking interest in my life. Suddenly, she said something that broke me. She called me ‘Bhaiyaan.’ That single word left me speechless and I excused myself and left.

I was not in a good mood after hearing that word. At night I fixed my mind to get the tag of ‘Bhiayaan’ for me out of her mind. I wanted her to feel for me the way I feel for her. If she’ll consider me her brother then my love story will shatter. Without wasting any time I continued my plan to impress this girl

(Maera’s residence)

Three months passed by and she started liking Sameer. He always made her feel special and would treat her like a princess. She fell in love with the guy whom she has never seen in her life.

“Sameer I love you. I want to meet you. Please meet me.”

“I am ready to meet you but on one condition, nothing would ever change between us. Promise me Maera.”

“Why would anything change? I love you truly and I assure you that my love wouldn’t change for you no matter what?”

“Okay, tomorrow we’ll meet in the class. Tomorrow you’ll get to know who I am?”

(Next day)

Maera was waiting for Sameer eagerly. She kept on staring each and every student as they were entering and was trying to guess who was Sameer. Suddenly she saw me coming towards her direction and she said hi.

“Hi Maera, are you waiting for someone?”


“Maera, actually I want to confess something. The Sameer you have been communicating with for the past few months is me.”

“What? Are you serious” she asked shokingly.


Her smiling face became red all of a sudden and I knew she was angry. I did this because I knew she wouldn’t have spoken to me if I would have talked to her with my real identity.

“How could you play with my emotions like this? You knew it I never had feelings for you…..”

“Please don’t call me bhaiyaan. I hate this. It’s better you abuse me but please don’t call me bhaiyaan. I really love you since the first day. I had no other option Maera.”

“And you think I will love you after knowing the truth?”

I was depressed until I saw Maera’s rageful face calming down. Suddenly, she started laughing. I was wondering what was going on in her mind. She hugged me and said, “I already knew you were Sameer. I saw your profile open three days ago in your phone and that time I realized that I had been talking to you all this while. As I promised nothing will change between us. I love you.”

I hugges her tight and kissed her forehead. She smiled and we walked out holding each others’ hands and she saw me not with the eyes of a ‘bhaiyaan’ but her ‘saiyaan.’

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