How to Stop Food Wastage in Weddings [Bloggers’ Take]

How to Stop Food Wastage in Weddings [Bloggers’ Take]

How to Stop Food Wastage in Weddings [Bloggers' Take] 1

Who wouldn’t love to attend a wedding? Besides watching the bride and the groom engaged in all the rituals, the most fascinating part of these marriages is the delicacies that are served to us while we enjoy this blissful sight. Seeing so many favorite dishes together we just cannot stop ourselves from filling the plate but honestly tell me one thing, do you actually consume everything in your plate? There are many people who leave a huge amount of food unconsumed and at the end, it is all chucked in the bin. To find out a solution for this wastage we asked various bloggers about their opinions on this issue. Recently, we have published a post onIs Celebrity Couples Love and Affection Real On Social Media [Bloggers’ Take] and now we will be revealing the perspective of different bloggers on this issue:

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How to Stop Food Wastage in Weddings [Bloggers' Take] 2

neha bellani
I do believe that the government should not interfere with the number of guests per wedding. However certain measures can be taken where the quality of the leftover food can be checked by officials. They can even be distributed amongst the needy people in our country who are starving. I know it is a long shot and a lot of teamwork and coordination will be required but if the effort is put in, this can also easily be achieved. The satisfaction of knowing many people have slept without starving is a beautiful feeling.

Blogger- Nehal Bellani

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Nehal Bilani

wrik senDealing with food wastage is a tough solution, which would need a conscious decision by many people involved. For beginners, it should be a policy adopted by all registered food caterers, that they will be donating the excess food that guests take. Also, measures like only capacity servings at weddings and other occasions should be undertaken, other than a proper audit of the food in excess needs to be undertaken. However, these measures will not bear fruit, until and unless the customers, the most important part of the link, decide for themselves, and stick with a resolve to donate any excess food.

Wrik Sen


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