Kai Greene sees a bright future for India in bodybuilding

Kai Greene sees a bright future for India in bodybuilding

With success in sports money and fame are easy to be followed. But what is important here is that some sportsman also craves for identity. And that’s what very few of them have achieved in the lifetime. Now, everyone can not be Tendulkar and Vivian Richards of cricket. And when we come to bodybuilding then the first name which we get in our head is Kai Greene.

Leslie Kai Greene, who is 44 years old is the champion bodybuilder from the United States. He says that he has craved for an identity all his life.

Recently Greene who is the ambassador of the sport recently visited India and said

“Many would think bodybuilding is all about having an Adonis kind of physique, but to me, it was a conduit, the intermediate. It was the vehicle that helped me learn how powerful my thoughts are and that my thoughts and the right use of my thoughts helped me create a better quality of life for myself.”

Many people don’t know but Kai Greene grew up in a foster home at New York and soon he took up bodybuilding and realized that this is the sport which will bring name and fame and also self-realization to himself. He has won several titles in his lifetime including Arnold Classic (2009,2010 and 2016) and runner up the tag in Olympia competition (2012, 2013 and 2014).

Kai Greene in India
Kai Greene in India during gym opening

Regarding his trophies the man said

“The most important title a person can win is learning to identify themselves as a champion because with doing that you give yourself the liberty to expect great things while giving yourself the responsibility to use your power to work to create great things.’’

Along with being a bodybuilder, he is also an artist, sculptor, and actor. He is popularly known by the nickname of “The Predator”.

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He said

“It is quite funny how I got this name. When I started my professional career, I used to sport long hair and locks, while the standard at the time in the sport was a clean cut look. My efforts were starting to be recognised and because I had the long hair and a really solid work ethic, that allowed me to become a top champion and it wasn’t an odd place to find myself labeled the predator,”

Regarding his visit to India, the man added


“I am here as an ambassador for the sport and over the years have been building a strong relationship with iFITNESS, providing them new trends on training and equipment which helps me realize a much fuller potential and working to do things to make bigger opportunities here in India.”

On his current trip, Kai Greene is about to launch his own gym called Dynamic which will promote a healthy lifestyle


“I am delighted to see the growing awareness for bodybuilding in India and (I’m) now convinced that with increased infrastructure and support system, the Indian bodybuilders could become highly competitive in the national and international championships.”

We wish all the best to Greene in his future endeavors.

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