Know the Mehendi (Henna) Benefits for Skin

Know the Mehendi (Henna) Benefits for Skin

Most of us ladies love to apply Mehendi on our hands. Mehendi is also a very important ritual in our marriage ceremonies. We keep one day reserve for Mehendi before our wedding and it has a symbolic significance to itself. Mehendi is said to be linked with the groom’s love for the bride. So, it is said that deeper the color of mehndi on your palms, more is the love of your groom for you. So, Mehendi is directly linked with the marital bliss which you can enjoy post your marriage.

Mehendi is even worn in different festivals too. You might come across the latest Mehendi designs to decorate your hands within the upcoming festivals. Mehendi designs for the festival are quite different from the usual Mehendi designs. Mehendi since has been worn since ages by Indian ladies. Thus, the latest Mehendi designs are quite different than what our ladies used to wear years back. Our ladies loved to wear Mehendi in a simple dot pattern on their hands. This was not only simple but quite time saving as well. These were quite simple Mehendi designs for hands. Mehendi designs simple are available all over the internet.

Earlier the trend was to wear mehendi designs simple. But when it comes to mehndi designs for the festival then fuller and quite detailed mehendi designs are appreciated. When Mehendi is worn especially for weddings then the Mehendi should be detailed and quite precise. But nowadays Arabic mehendi design popular trend. And thus people love mehendi designs simple. They are quite a time and cost-effective and looks graceful as well.

But you will be amazed to know that mehendi also comes with many health benefits too. You might not ever have heard about this. But this is true. Mehendi benefits for skin are immense and they are quite trendy as well.

What is Mehendi?

Mehendi which is also known as Henna in many countries including India can be used in different ways. Many people associate henna with dark burgundy or red color. But you must know that mehendi or henna is actually the dye which is received from the flowering plant mostly seen in Asian countries. Mehendi plant is mostly characterized by the small pink or white flower which has a small fruit bearing on them.

Mehendi has been used since ages in a number of traditional medicines. And mehendi is one of such rarest natural products where you can use the bark, fruit and even leaves of the tree. The high concentration of chemicals and nutrients present in the plant helps us to get the best out of mehendi.

Mehendi unknown benefits

Mehendi is known to have anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, antibacterial, astringent and antiviral effects.

There are numerous health benefits of henna. Let’s have a look at them –

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