Live-In Relationship or Marriage: Which Is Better?

Live-In Relationship or Marriage: Which Is Better?

Live-In Relationship or Marriage: Which Is Better? 1

In the past, people never had the option of a relationship. If they loved someone they would either have to marry them or marry the guy their parents choose for them. With the passing years, India has started developing a bit of western culture. Today, the young generations are fine with spending private moments together. By and by, most of the couples felt comfortable staying in a live-in relationship as they had no intention to marry each other too soon. There can be several reasons for staying in a live-in but there are a few people who just enter into this phase as they do not want commitment at all. Will live-in be considered better in this case when you aren’t even sure what your future will be?

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Live-In Relationship or Marriage: Which Is Better? 2

The cute cuddles, the sweet intimacy, endless romance, etc, all make a live-in relationship perfect. You get the chance to test your bond and spend time with your partner. This is the best way to explore love without marrying each other when you are not ready. You can live like a married couple and get all the benefits that these couples get. In this journey, you actually figure out whether your bond is worth a long-time run or not. You get confirmation if your partner will be loyal to you in future. In case, you feel that your bond is weakening and he is cheating on you, there is no need of long procedures to separate. Also, the best advantage of live-in relationship is that there is no involvement of family members so you get a lot of privacy and can even part away with him without the guilt of hurting the sentiments of your parents.

Live-In Relationship or Marriage: Which Is Better? 3

Live-ins might give you a chance to check your compatibility with your boyfriend or girlfriend but there will always be a missing factor in your relationship. This feeling of incompleteness is can only be filled with marriage. It is something that officially unites two hearts forever. Yes, the only thing that makes marriage worthwhile is that you know that you will be there with your partner for the rest of your life with full respect. You will be sure about your future. What else do you want? The only disadvantage would be that in case you wish to live your partner, it will shatter not only your heart but also your family’s heart. It will be difficult for you at that point of time to trust someone again.

Now, keeping all the pros and cons of both the bonds in mind, what do you think is better for a couple- to stay together without getting the tag of marriage or to stay united forever by officially marrying the person he or she loves? Your advice will help thousands of readers and so it will be glad if you will share your point of views on this topic. Also, if you wish to share your personal experience you are free to do so.