Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Everybody dreams of having good and healthy hair. But not all have the opportunity to have good and lustrous hair. Hair thinning or loss can be embarrassing and can make one suffer low self-esteem and confidence. Many of us suffer from hair fall, split ends, dandruff etc. These days, more people are seeking help of Ayurvedic remedies for all such problems. In Ayurveda, you will find a number of easy steps to make your hair beautiful, healthy and strong. These are all powerpacked remedies that are sure to work wonders on your hair. With ayurvedic treatments, you can treat all your hair problems from within making your hair grow healthy and smoother. To know what these remedies are and how they work wonders on hair, continue reading.

Ayurvedic Consideration

Ayurveda believes that body type and the stability of your mind-body structure is responsible for hair fall control. According to ayurvedic hair is the byproduct for bone creation. The tissues, which help form bones also help hair to grow. In Ayurveda, it is considered that pitta dosha is the main reason for hair fall. An excessive of pitta dosha in the body is the man cause that leads to hair problems. Ayurvedic hair loss treatment measures are known to be the best remedies for their effective results. Usually the Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss includes diet, meditation, yoga, and yes, we cannot forget medicated herbal oil massage.

Ayurvedic recommended diet tips for hair loss treatment

As Ayurveda considered hair fall as a problem of pitta dosha, hence, you need to recognize your bad eating habits that help to increase pitta in your body. Excessive of tea, coffee, alcohol, meats and smoking contribute to the increasing of pitta in your body. Fried, oily, greasy, spicy, sour, and acidic foods etc also contribute a lot to the increase of pitta in the body.

Useful Dietary Tips

•Aloe vera

For this you need 1/3rd cup of aloe vera juice. Instead of juice, you can also take one tablespoon of aloe vera gel with a pinch of cumin. You need to use this for thrice a day for 3 months to control your hair fall.

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•Fresh juice

You should drink fresh juices of carrot, alfalfa, lettuce and spinach. Juices will aid in hair growth.

• Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are a great source of magnesium and calcium. A spoonful of these seeds every morning will help you to check hair loss.


You can reduce hair fall to a great extent by consuming yoghurt everyday. From the ancient times, it has been considered as a trusted therapy for hair related problems.

• Green leafy vegetables and fruit

You cannot doubt the benefits of vegetables and fruits as they are rich in fibers, which are brilliant source that help in preventing hair fall.

• Vitamins

To make the roots of your hair strong, you should get enough vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, zinc, sulphur and some good fatty acids. Sprouts, yeast, buttermilk, nuts, milk, soy beans and whole grains are rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Include these foods in your daily diet and you can reduce your hair fall in just a few months.

• Water

You should drink a lot of water. Drinking lot of water will help you to flush out the toxins, which build up in your body.

• You should avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking as they stunt healthy hair growth.

Yoga and meditation for hair loss treatment

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that helps in healthy growth of body and hair. There are different types of asanas, which help eliminate stress, relax, and thus aid in healthy hair growth. The Sarvangasana is a form of asanas in which the gravity is reversed on the body and it is said to be the best treatment for hair loss. You should practice these asanas for healthy hair growth, but you should do them under the guidance of trained and professional yoga instructor. Along with yoga asanas, you should also practice deep breathing exercises to control stress, anxiety and keep your mind relaxed.

Ayurvedic herbs recommended for treating hair loss:


Encouraging healthy hair growth, bhringaraaja is called the king of herbs and is considered as the best herb for hair. The use of this herb helps the growth of hair on the head and successfullt avoids balding and premature graying. It also help the mind to relax promoting sound sleep. You can eat Bhringaraaja (Eclipta prostrata), which will internally help the hair to grow well. You can also use it externally in the form of Bhringraj oil. This oil works wonder as a brilliant excellent rejuvenator for hair.


Mixing this with curd, you can prepare an excellent hair pack. You can easily avail this hair pack in most of the Indian grocery stores.


Loaded with vitamin C, amla works as an antioxidants for the hair. You can make an excellent hair pack by mixing amla powder with henna, brahmi powder along with curd.


Neem naturally treats dandruff and lice from your hair. It also has many blood purifying properties. Mix its powder with coconut oil or curd to massage your scalp.


These work as the natural shop for the hair. You wash and keep your hair clean without making the scalp lose its natural oils. Massage your scalp with it and then rinse off thoroughly.


Week immune system is one of the major factors causing hair loss. Using ashwagandha will make you feel strong and energized. It helps in decreasing stress, boost vigor and thus help repair and regrowth of lost hair.

Medicated Herbal Oils and Massage

There are a wide range of oils that help preventing hair fall. These oils include coconut oil, amla oil, brahmi oil, arnica oil and mustard oil. You can also use honey as it is known for stimulating growth in hair follicles. Apple cidar vinegar is also an incredible option for fast hair growth.

If you are seriously looking for effective ayurvedic, homemade remedies to control your hair fall and add lustrous and shine to your hair than you should seriously follow the ayurvedic hair care treatments recommended in this article. These tips are sure to help you grow healthy hair making them smoother and healthier. However, you should remember that hair growth is a complex and time taking process, thus you need to be patient with the result as it would be effective over the time.

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