Neclife Dr. Trust Pulse Oximeter Unbiased Review

Do you get tired easily after running few steps of your staircase? If this is the case, you might have an issue with your hemoglobin levels. Lower is the level of hemoglobin in your blood, more fatigue and restless you will experience in the long run.

Now, coming down to reviews, it is hard to predict which reviews are a gem and which one just fake it with some crap boasting and ends up in the middle of nowhere. In terms of the Neclife Dr. Pulse Oximeter review, this article will speak the truth and will let you know every minute details, pros, cons and which are essential to be known for any consumer. So, let’s get started.

Neclife Dr. Trust Pulse Oximeter Pros and Cons:

Dr. Trust Pulse Oximeter has been a well-renowned brand in the global market and has earned a whooping quality score of 9.0 out of 10 according to 98700 customer reviews all over the web. Well, this is a massive score and is still growing at a far rapid pace. Talking about its advent, it is a USA based brand which helps medical as well as homely persons to get a check on their hemoglobin levels, stay fit and live a long lasting life. It is power packed with all the essential features including the large and rotatable display.

Also, the audio-visual alarm beeps when the oxygen falls below 94% which can help home users as well as the doctors to take these things into consideration.

As we all know, every product has their own set of pros and cons and the same goes with this device also but there is a highness on the pros as this device is a beast in all aspects.

Dr. Trust Finger Pulse Oximeter REVIEW


  • Accurate

The Dr. Trust Pulse Oximeter is accurate and can display the pulse rate as well as the SPO2 count within no time.

  • Simple Design

Dr. Trust has made it all simple for the users and design is very much classical and it feels good in the hands. It contains just a one-button to keep the control simpler and not to complex it in any case.

  • Bright LED display

Not all Oximeter provides a crystal clear bright display and that is where Dr. Trust tops the chart. The display is bright, vivid and is viewable from almost every angle.

  • Rotatable Multi-directional Display

Dr. Trust brings in the all-new rotatable Multi-Directional Display which can provide results to be viewed in almost any direction.

  • Longer Battery Life

Battery has never been an issue with the Dr. Trust Pulse oximeter and it can last for days even on normal usage.

  • One Year Warranty

In case of any issue or the device is not working properly, they have a team of experts who can repair the oximeter provided that your product remains under the warranty period.

  • Water Resistant

For prevention from all those splashes, water resistance availability is provided in this pulse oximeter.


  • Not much Durable
  • Not much suited in the case of Medical Field

User Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Dr Trust pulse oximeter price: Varies from region to region, you can easily check it online.


If you are looking for an oximeter which has all the basic features, the Dr. Trust Pulse Oximeter Amazon will be the best-loved choice.


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