Paying a Lower LASIK Price

Paying a Lower LASIK Price

Lasik is one of the most successful and popular surgical procedures for vision corrections and with the addition of new tools, technology and procedures, it has become safer, easier and faster than before. But all these new technologies also elevate the cost of this procedure. Now you must be thinking that can I afford it?

The answer is yes but only if you act smartly. Here we will explain how you can actually manage to afford a Lasik surgery from a quality provider within your budget.

To achieve your goal of paying a lower Lasik price, you must have two main objectives:

  • Find an experienced and skilled surgeon who provide high quality patient care to assure positive outcome of the surgery
  • Don’t overreact to the charges mentioned for the Lasik surgery because if you will compare the benefits of Lasik against the lifetime costs of glasses and contacts then you will find it worthy

What makes Lasik prices variable?

As we have mentioned above that use of technologies increase or decrease the price of lasik surgery but there are other factors as well like

  • How much vision correction you require
  • Cost of equipment used for eye testing and surgery
  • How difficult your surgery is
  • Cost of surgical solution and medications used during the surgery
  • Cost of surgical accessories used during the surgery to keep the surgery sterile

There are several other small factors which collectively affect the pricing of the surgery

What to ask while consulting your surgeon about the surgery cost?

When you finally find the best surgeon who can provide your Lasik surgery with assured positive outcome and you discuss about the pricing of surgery, you must ask these questions to your surgeon:

  • What and what not is included in the surgery?
  • Will you be provided an itemized quotation?
  • Is the quotation provided will be for one eye or both?
  • What will be the cost for enhancements or if any complication arises?
  • What will be the cost of medications like pain killer and anti-inflammatory?
  • How many follow ups will be there and what will be the cost?

Before making a final decision, you must have ask yourself that did the surgeon’s answers were justified the quoted price. If the quoted price is significantly lower than usual then you must look out for the surgeon experience.

What is the average Lasik price?

The average price for Lasik and other vision correction surgeries was $2,077 per eye in the year 2015 which was lower than $2,118 per eye in 2014. The cost of surgery depends on the technology used and amount of refractive error to be corrected.

What about the low cost Lasik?

Many clinics offer Lasik surgery for less that $1000 per eye which seems as a great bargain but they are not always reliable. But in some cases it is such as:

  • When the offered price is for correcting mild nearsightedness. If you have far sightedness or astigmatism then the price will increase.
  • The offer price doesn’t cover everything like cost of follow ups or additional post operation care, enhancements cost etc.
  • The surgery may include older technologies which might be good but it also increases the post surgery risks

Making Lasik within your reach

Earlier it was difficult to afford Lasik surgery but it has become easier with many financing options available now. Here are some ways to get Lasik within your reach

  • Financing companies – These companies are specialized in elective surgeries like Lasik and offer fixed rate plans and long term payment options. These companies have tie ups with the Lasik surgery centres and private practitioners so you can ask your surgeon about such plans if he/she provide one.
  • Vision insurance plan – Generally it doesn’t cover refractive surgery like Lasik because it is considered as a cosmetic surgery but some employers provide this facility with some Lasik provider.
  • Subsidized health plans – Some large employers offers such plans which covers a part of Lasik cost so if you work for a large firm then you may ask for such benefits.
  • Flexible spending account (FSA) – It is a common way used in US to get a Lasik surgery. In this case, you can divert your pre tax salary into an account used for out of pocket health care.
  • Health savings account (HSA) – This is also a common way of payment in US for Lasik surgery. You must be covered by high-deductible health plan (HDHP) to become eligible for HSA. You can save enough money over a period of two or more years for Lasik with this account and afford this effective surgery.

With these options, you can also afford Lasik surgery for yourself so go for the best quality provider and enjoy the benefits of this successful surgery.

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