Sexual Life of Average American Adult – Male & Female

Sexual Life of Average American Adult – Male & Female

The three letter word “sex” is highly attractive as it can turn all heads towards you if you utter this word even by mistake. Everybody has interest in it, some people admit it and some deny it but everybody do it. A satisfactory sexual act can make you happy and content in your life and an active sexual life also indicates the intensity of your physical and mental well being.

average american adult sex life

What about casual sex?

Sex with no strings attached is the most preferred form of sex among adults especially who falls between the ages of 18 – 24. Middle aged and Older adults also engage in sexual activities but they do it in more established relationship like marriage. But it doesn’t mean that they are not involve in one night stand, dating, hook-ups or other form of casual sex, one can find at websites like Tinder,, iwantu, etc.

How frequent the hook-ups are?

Adults in colleges have more hook-ups which outnumber the frequency of one night stand. It is found that 72 percent students have minimum 1 hook up by senior year. On average, men have approximately 10 hook ups while women have 7.

Why college students engage in hook ups?

Most students admit that they were looking for a potential long term relationship. 65 percent women and 45 percent men did hook up with an expectation that it would turn into a committed relationship. 51 percent women and 42 percent men admitted that they have tried to start a relationship with their hook-ups.

When asked about how they met their hook-ups, it is found that 18 percent have met them in bar, 12 percent at work, 11 percent found them at social networking sites or hook up apps, 10 percent get introduced in school and 12 percent found each other at other places.

What about one night stands?

American adults have one night stands whose number varies between 2 – 5. Statistics show that 13 percent adults have experienced 1 night stand, 32 percent people have done it 2 – 5 times, 4 percent people have done it 11 – 15 times, 2 percent adults have done it 16 – 20 times while 9 percent adults have done it more than 20 times.

An average American has sex 103 times annually and 48 percent of them reported that they are satisfied with the sex they had. A survey reported that

  • 33 percent adults have sex 1 – 2 times a week
  • 19 percent have 3 – 4 times per week
  • 5 percent have 5 – 6 times a week
  • 23 percent adults have sex 1 – 3 times a month
  • 3 percent have sex once or more than once in a day
  • 17 percent never or seldom have sex

How many sex partner they had?

12 percent Americans had only 1 partner while 24 percent had 2 – 5 partners, 23 percent had 6 – 10 partners, 21 percent had 11 – 25 partners, 11 percent had 26 – 50 partners and 9 percent had more than 50 partners.

How long it lasted?

31 percent population reported that their sexual act lasted for 30 minutes, 27 percent took 20 minutes during lovemaking, 16 percent finished it in 45 minutes, 13 percent experienced it for 10 minutes while 12.5 percent believed that it lasted for an hour or so. On an average, 20 minutes have been spent in foreplay while 7.3 minutes have been spent in actual sex act which include intercourse.