Holi Colour Removal Tips – For Skin, Clothes, Nails and Hair Protection

Skin and hair care is an important regime for 365 days but it become more essential on some special occasions. As you know, Holi or the festival of colours is around the corner. It’s probably the only day in the year when you don’t have to worry about how you look and that’s why you can enjoy to your heart content. But it’s also the day you need to be extra cautious about your skin and hair. So to ensure a skin, nails and hair safety, do check our Holi colour removal tips.

Not every colour we use during Holi is safe for us. They may contain ingredients which damage our skin and hair. People having sensitive skin need to be extra cautious about it. Therefore, while shopping we should check whether the colours are of good quality and safe for skin.

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But what about the Holi colours that others apply on you? What you should do about them?

skin and hair care tips holi

Here We Have Listed 8 Best Tips to Protect your Skin, Nails, Hair and Clothes During Holi, and How to Remove Holi Colour Safely:

  1. Oil your hair and skin

oil hair

Oiling your hair with warm coconut oil, castor oil or olive will help in protecting it from the harmful colors. The oily substance will form a coating on your hair strands and not allow the Abir (powder color) to damage it. Generally, the Abir, we use makes our scalp dry. So, don’t forget to massage your scalp with oil as well. If you have dandruff problem you may use few drops of lemon juice along with the oil.

Also, apply oil on your hands, legs, elbows and feet. Massage oil properly for at least 20-25 minutes so it forms a nice coating on your skin.

  1. Choose your clothing carefully – how to remove Holi colour from clothes

clothes in holi

Choosing your outfit for playing Holi is no big deal. But if you wish to protect your skin you need be careful about it. Try to select a dress that covers most of your body properly. The more you are covered, the lesser are chances of getting affected by harmful colors. Also, try to avoid wearing denim or synthetic. The best outfit options for Holi are high necks and full sleeves. If you want to remove Holi colour from your clothes then I advise you to do bleach, especially if you have white colour clothes.

“Wash and dry them separately to prevent the colour from leeching on to other clothes..

White vinegar, window cleaner, lemon juice, and alchol are few other things to be used for Holi colour stains from your clothes.

  1. Use a good quality moisturizer

good quality moisturizer

If you have a dry skin, then it’s a must that you apply a good quality moisturizer before leaving. The Abir we use during Holi can make skin drier. It also causes itchiness if it is not of good quality. So, try using moisturizer on your hands, feet, behind the ears and even the earlobes. This precaution should be taken while doing preparation for Holi.

  1. Put on sunscreen

good quality moisturizer

During Holi we spend most of our time under the sun so, do not forget to put on a good quality sunscreen before you leave. It will protect your skin from sunburns while you enjoy your day.

  1. Put on nail paint

good quality nail paint

Generally, we forget to get protection for our nails during Holi. And it’s not that easy to clean your nails when the colour have dried on it. So, remember to put on dark shade nail paint before you go out to play. The nail paint won’t allow the colour to stick to your nails and keep it clean.

  1. Use quality lip balms and avoid wearing glasses or lenses

lip balm uses

Lips are also prone to damages due to the Holi colour. They make the lips dry. So, put on a good coating of lip balm on your lips before you go out. Also, try avoiding wearing glasses or lenses while playing with Holi colour. It is not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous as well since you can get surprised Holi colour on your face anytime. However, if you can’t stay without glasses then it’s recommended to be a little cautious while playing.

  1. Remain hydrated

remain hydrated

Drinking water is vital during Holi. Since, we spend most of the time under the sun while playing with colour, so our body needs to remain hydrated. You should drink lots of water before leaving otherwise you will feel tired and exhausted after few hours. Also be careful while sipping water while you are in the middle of playing so that you don’t consume the colour.

  1. Carry a soothing agent

There are chances that some colour may not suit your skin and you will feel itchiness. So, carrying a soothing agent is necessary. Try having an aloe Vera gel, rosewater bottle or cucumber juice bottle with you while you step out. Just in case your skin irritates, you can quickly use these items to soothe your skin.

What to do to remove colour after Holi?

  • Wash your body properly to remove the colour.
  • Use aloe Vera or glycerine based soaps to remove the stubborn colour.
  • Avoid using detergent soaps to remove colour as it does more damage than any good
  • Apply a good quality body lotion generously after taking bath.
  • Wash your hair properly with shampoo. Also, make sure to massage your scalp while shampooing.
  • Use face wash to remove colour from your face.
  • If you have acne problem then use a paste of Milk and Besan to scrub off the colour from your face.
  • Don’t try to scrub your skin harshly to remove color.
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