Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 1

Beautiful eyes are something that can make any guy or girl fall for you. All of you must be aware of the fact that people mostly communicate through their eyes and so most of the women focus majorly on their eye makeups to gain the attention of people around them. If the make-up is done flawlessly then it can just attract anyone towards you like a magnet. A decent and attractive eye makeup can win millions of hearts. Hence, every woman must be careful while applying eye makeup as the look of your eyes will matter a lot in depicting the real beauty in your outer personality.

It is very difficult for a majority of the women to master the art of eye makeup, especially the beginners who haven’t ever touched the makeup kits. Therefore, we are here to provide you smokey eye makeup tutorial after which you will just feel confident about your eye makeup. Just follow the makeup tutorial step by step:

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 2

Step 1- Highlighting the eyelashes

The size of your eyelashes or the quantity of hair present in your eyelashes doesn’t

make much difference unless you perfectly reveal its beauty and darkness. By highlighting your eyelashes, you automatically direct people towards your makeup and eyes. To highlight them, you just have to put a few strokes of

mascara and make it thick enough so that its texture is clearly visible to everyone. There are many colours available but one must only apply black as it reflects the makeup in the most royal manner.

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 3

Step 2- Applying foundation

This step is not always necessary but it will just reveal your makeup much effectively. Mix a little foundation with some cream and apply it on your eyes. Don’t let the foundation touch your eyelashes or else it will ruin the mascara you had applied. Use a brush while applying and ensure that you don’t overdo it.

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 4

Step 3- Choosing the right colour

The selection of colour is the most crucial part of this beauty makeup tutorial as it will either make your eyes hypnotic or scary for others. Remember to choose wisely and according to the apparels that you will be wearing. Always prefer contrast colours as it will highlight your makeup as well as your dress perfectly. If you will choose the colour of your dress then it will just not create much impact. For example, if you are wearing a red dress then you can either go for blue and golden combination or light black and golden combination.

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 5

Step 4- Eyebrow bone and eyelids

After you have chosen your colour, pick up a thick brush, rub some eye shadow with it and apply it gently over your eyelids in a very little quantity as you just have to reveal the eyes and not the colour of your eye shadow. Do the same with your eyebrow bone but remember to keep its tone lower than the eyelids.

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 6

Step 5- Corner

There is no need to use a lot of makeup for the corners of your eye (next to your nose). Just use light colours to blend this region with your original makeup. For example, if you have applied dark blue colour then choose a little lower shade of blue so that it clears all the rough makeup from the edges and gives it a finaly smooth touch.

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 7

Step 6- Layer by layer

In this step, you just have to divide your eyelids into different layers and starting from the innermost layer (above your eyelashes) start increasing the density of your eye shadow as you start moving upwards. This will highlight each and every segment of your eye perfectly and will reveal different shades of the same coloured eye shadow.

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 8

Step 7- Outline

Now that you are almost done with the eye shadow, just give it a final touch. You have to apply very little shade of a dark colour outlining the edges of your makeup as it will blend well with the overall eyeshadow and will give your eyes the real smokey appearance.

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 9

Step 8- Eye liner

There may be several colours available in eyeliners but girls choose black. Draw a very thin layer with the eye liner just above your eyelids and make a sharp wing at the outer edge of your eye. This will give your eye an appealing and ravishing texture. Once you have drawn a layer you can apply another thin layer above it but make sure it is not thick as it will hide your eye makeup.

Step By Step Guide For Smokey Eye Makeup 10

Step 9- Coal stick

Kajal is something without which every eye makeup is incomplete. So, you can just draw a line covering the lower portion of your eye but it should neither be too thin or too thick. Just keep the level perfect.

So friends, did you find this guide helpful? Follow the guide step-by-step and reveal the real beauty of your eyes in the most attractive manner. Like and share the post if you found this helpful.

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