List of Sugar Free or Low Sugar Drinks

List of Sugar Free or Low Sugar Drinks

Sugar free drinks have created quite a stir in the markets these days. They are trending a lot in the current era because people have become extremely fitness conscious and are turning to drinks and foods that have less or no sugar content.

You can always replace high calorie unhealthy aerated drinks with low calorie no sugar or low sugar containing drinks. You must know that there are two different sorts of drinks low in sugar, one being natural and the other one being artificial.

Some no sugar artificial drinks contain aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener and is not a good replacement in the long run. Thus, one must go for natural drinks that are tasty and have low sugar content at the same time.

Lets have a list of drinks that are sugar free or have low sugar content:

Diet Coke/Pepsi

People these days have started replacing aerated drinks with diet colas, not realizing that consuming them ends up in a weight gain. Research has shown that people, who drink diet colas with snacks and food, tend to have a higher BMI and tend to gain more pounds than others.

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Diet colas

are sweetened with the help of artificial sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame. In some countries, these drinks are sweetened with a blend of aspartame, cyclamates and acesulfame potassium. Manufacture originally in the United States, Diet colas are available all over the world now.

Fruity tea soda

There are some refreshing fruit tea sodas that are available in the market. These contain tea cooled with normal water and then soda is added to it. You can choose these sodas from flavors like mint or pomegranate. These are actually healthy and contain sugar less than 1gram per cup. They are available mostly in Asian and American countries.

Red bull sugar free

Gym fanatics of today rely a lot on sports drinks and red bull sugar free because of the instant kick of energy it provides. Red bull sugar free is sweetened by acesulfame potassium and sucralose. These are again artificial sweeteners and are harmful to your health in the long run. It is an Austrian based drink and is available all over the world.

Coconut water

Coconut water is considered to be the best natural replacement for drinks with sugar. It is low in calories and sugar content both. It is a popular drink among Indians, Africans, Pacific Islanders, and Caribbean residents.

The total amount of sugar content in natural coconut water is less than 13gms per cup. So, it is a pretty healthy option of low sugar drinks to go for.

Powdered Iced Teas

Powdered iced teas are a very tasty mid-meal drink that people prefer to have with evening and mid-day meals.

However, as enticing as they may seem, the fact is that they contain sweeteners like aspartame and high fructose syrup, containing about 17gms of sugar per 250ml. they are available all over the world but you may rather prepare your own flavored iced tea at home and end up consuming less than 1gm of sugar per cup.

The procedure is simple. Prepare your favorite tea, cool it and add ice. To make it sweet, you can ad some honey and a slice of orange.

Milk shakes and iced coffees

As is the case with powdered iced-tea, the content of sugar in flavored milk shakes and iced coffees is the same. It is as high as 25gms per 250 ml and is available in all Asian and American countries.

You can replace them with home made coffee shakes and ice to give a great taste, thereby reducing the sugar content to 7 grams.

Sugar-free orange juice drink

A product of the UK, which contains no artificial colors, is sweetened with oranges, aspartame and fructose. It is advised to have oranges in their ripe form or take out natural orange juice to have a kick of energy.

Diet lemonade

As the name suggests, this drink contains carbonated water and 2% lemon. It also contains fruit juices and sweeteners like aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Though some may think of this as a gluten free drink with no artificial color, but is better to consume lemon water in its pure and natural form. They are a popular drink in the Asian countries.

Diet sodas

As appealing as they may look, the truth behind diet sodas is that they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners and they increase your craving for snacks and end up making you fat. They are made using carbonated water, food starch, preservatives and sweeteners like aspartame. They were popular in USA but available all over the world now.