Surrogacy Agency: Is It Really Necessary Or Can I Do It Myself?

Surrogacy Agency: Is It Really Necessary Or Can I Do It Myself?

If you have management and accounting experience, then you may be tempted to become your own surrogate agent. But it is impossible for someone without training in surrogacy law or reproductive technology to manage a surrogate trip on his/her own.

This review compiles the findings of surveys of intended parents who have used a . They spoke about the challenges they faced during their surrogacy travel and how agencies were crucial in helping them overcome these difficulties.

Namely, such important and defining topics as:

  • Verification and reliability
  • Everywhere at the same time
  • Qualification
  • Emotional component

Verification and reliability

The process of surrogacy is a multifunctional ecosystem. An incredible number of processes work simultaneously and do not interfere with each other. But if something goes wrong, it can have a negative impact on everything else. So the first and most important stone in this foundation is to verify those people, companies or contractors with whom you start working. This can only be done if you constantly work at building your own confidence—and gain experience from it as well!

Everywhere at the same time

Furthermore, it is worth keeping in mind that processes must be maintained and adjusted over time by someone. That’s why no one person can handle all issues at the same time—it would take too long!


Even if you have jet sneakers and are able to cover a lot of ground, it doesn’t mean that you can become an expert in every field—medical, search, legal, logistics, etc. It’s important not only to know the basics but also gain deep knowledge of your area of expertise. For the life and health of a child to improve, parents should seek help from experts.

Emotional component

Finally, it’s a great time to be together with your partner and prepare everything for the arrival of the baby—without wasting time on what masters will do much more professionally and confidently. You’ll enjoy this wait! Soon your dreams will come true.

Overall, it is advised that intended parents leave all surrogacy-related processes in the hands of professionals. First, the amount of work is so great that it’s easy for one person to lose sight of something important.

And second, it’s important to remember that becoming a parent is the most significant thing you’ll ever do—and adding stress and pressure to yourself during this time isn’t healthy. Because of the importance of trust in this process, find a surrogacy agency that matches your values and make sure to use it! This will help to save time and energy that will need to be accumulated for the most essential and desirable period of life – parenthood.

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