Top 11 tips Guaranteed To Maximize Your Height Potential

Top 11 tips Guaranteed To Maximize Your Height Potential

Every man and woman wishes to grow taller so that they can flaunt their height and beauty among their friends and family. This is so because of the fact that ‘heightism’ remains as an enduring discrimination practices that has a strong hold in the society. Our society puts a lot of emphasis on height in comparison to other attributes possessed by an individual. Blame it on our culture, but it seems that your height determines the quotient of your being respectful. The taller you are, the more respect you get. Height is a very sensitive topic and to be honest majority of us are not happy with our present height and wishes to grow taller by an inch or two.

Have you ever been afraid of being shorter than your peers? Are you looking for tips and guidance as how to grow taller? If it’s a yes, read on to find the tips that will definitely help you to grow 1 to 4 inches taller than your present height. There are many things that you can do to increase your height both naturally and medicinally. There are medications and supplements that help you to increase your height; however, you can also achieve your desired height with proper diet, exercises and healthy lifestyle.

How to Grow Taller by following Simple Tips

Why Height is an Important Factor?

Height is an important factor because of the thousands of years of hunter and predator behavior. A tall person in a group was always considered a threat and the natural response of fight. A tall person was also considered to offer natural protection and this is the reason why woman look forward to a tall man. This natural behavior is present in our society even today. It has also been witnessed that taller people stand out in the crowd. This is the basic reason that makes height an important factor.

Genes is considered as the important factor that helps one to grow taller. Though a person’s height is determined by genes, there are many other aspects that affect height and these under one’s control. So, if you want to maximize your height potential than these top 11 tips to help you grow taller.


Follow a well-balanced diet

A well-balanced diet plays a significant role in increasing your height. Proper foods have all the potential to make to taller and feel good. You should make sure that your diet have food containing lots of lean protein, calcium, zinc, and vitamin D. White poultry beef, fish, soy products, dairy food, leafy vegetables including green spinach and kale; pumpkin, wheat germ oysters, peanuts, lamb, mushrooms etc are some of the foods which help promote bone health and muscle growth.



Exercising regularly will help your body to boost your growth. Lengthening and straightening of the spine s one of the vital factors affecting your height. This can be achieved through regular exercise. To grow tall you should do jumping exercises like skipping regularly. Exercise your muscles nearly for half-an hour on regular basis. T is better if you can join a fitness center as it will provide you with the opportunity to practice numerous wonderful exercising and muscle-building devices.


Get a good night sleep everyday

Your body grows while you are sleeping so having a good amount of sleep will help the body to get additional time to grow. Growth hormones in an individual are produced naturally, especially when you are in a deep sleep. Having a sound and peaceful sleep will help the body to produce more HGH.


Take enough rest

After a long day at work and other activities, you are sure to get exhausted. Taking rest is important to relax your body of stress and tiredness. A quick thirty minutes nap is a great approach to put your body at rest. This will further help your body to improve and optimum growth.


Stop growth Stunting

You must take care of several aspects to assure that your natural growth isn’t hampered by any external influences. Illegal drugs and alcohol are considered to contribute to stunt growth. Caffeine, smoking and steroids are also affecting factors to your growth. These factors are likely to stunt your height growth. Caffeine has a higher chance of keeping you away from good sleeping and thus hampers in your growth. Scientific research indicates that people who smoke are shorter than people who don’t. Your bone growth becomes slow if you uses anabolic steroids as supplement.


Take enough sun light

Sunlight is also a useful factor since our body needs enough sunlight to grow. It is always good to go out and enjoy the morning sun by exposing ourselves to it. Sunlight is also a source of vitamin D that our body needs to grow taller. Besides this, the early sunlight gives a feel good factor in our life.


Massage Your Body

Massage your body on regular basis as it helps the body to relax. Massaging certain points of your body after exercises will help it to release HGH. You can massage in the form of exercise as well as a relaxing activity.


Maintain healthy posture for height growth

Maintaining a healthy posture is important maximize your height potential. This is also important while sleeping. While walking, standing or sleeping you should slouch. You should always walk and stand straight with your abdomen sucked in, shoulders set back and with your chest pushed out. To maintain a healthy posture, you should keep your chin in an upright position. Keeping right postures is sure to boost your confidence level and help you grow tall.


Avoid taking unhealthy fats and drugs

You should avoid the intake of saturated fats that may cause high cholesterol levels. This will further affect your blood cells and internal organs and thus becomes a deterrent to your body growth.


Drink enough water

Drinking the right amount of water keeps your body hydrated and healthy and also determines the growth you will achieve. If your body is not hydrated enough, you may not be benefited from the exercises you are doing. Hence in order to increase your height you have to load your body with lots of water.


Have smaller meals at regular intervals

Having smaller meals at regular intervals can improve your metabolic process. The food that you ingest is the deciding factor of your height growth. Therefore, it is important for you to follow a healthy diet plan in order to attain height in more inches naturally.

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