Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews

Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews

Inversion Table Reviews

Inversion table was invented as treatment with inversion therapy to give relief from back pain and to use as spinal traction. The mechanism is to have body inverted and in this position gravity acts on the body and spinal cord and back pain can be relieved.

So, the different tables are designed to get the body in the form of inversion by the tables. Since few years, this table has been invented when physician found the patient’s body gets relief from back pain when hung from the ladder in inverted position.

Actually, there is pull on thebody by theforce of gravity on ankles, joints and spinal cord and effect is created on the body due to the pull.

Generalised cons

With some positive effects, there are some negative effects of inversion table:

  • In the inverted condition, pressure is created on eyes and people with retinal detachment can have severe problems with eyes.
  • It creates pressure on ears also may affect ears with thehearing problem as bleeding may occur with ears.
  • In inverted condition, your heart activity may be slow, and this may lead to anincrease of blood pressure and hypertension.

So, different types of inversion tables are available in the market. Let us have short reviews on top ten inversion tables in themarket.

  1. Teeter Hang Ups EP-950

Pros of the inversion table

  • It allows smooth and easy movement.
  • It has havoc reputation and shows excellent results.
  • This is actually very costly in the market
  • But, it has shown best results and reviews.

Cons of the inversion table

  • It is good for back pain but not good for ankle pain.
Teeter Hang Ups EP-950

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  1. Ironman Gravity 4000

Pros of the inversion table

  • Itsecures 10-wayankle locks.
  • It has got extra handles for safety.
  • It provides comfort and offers durability.
  • It has got atubular frame of steel provides strength.
  • It can bear capacity up to 350 pounds.
  • It provides comfortable back rest and head rest which is made from special foam and is covered by vinyl.
  • Ankle cushions are ergonomically designed and provides comfort and security.

Cons of the inversion table

  • It is bit costly than other models.
Ironman Gravity 4000

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  1. Teeter Hang Ups EP-550

Pros of the inversion table

  • It provides the experience of being safe and comfortable.
  • This company is offering this model as the highest level inversion therapy as they are making all sorts of inversion therapy tables and continuously upgrading these. The latest upgrade is this model.
  • Supports weight up to 300 pounds and is dispatched in an unassembled condition.

Cons of the inversion table

  • It is not lightweight materials but heavy weight material.
  • It does not support ankle system with extended reach.
Teeter Hang Ups EP-550

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  1. Body Champ IT 8070

Pros of the inversion table

  • Itshows results as per advertisement.
  • Desired results can be easily achieved.
  • It is designed to help people in all sizes and shapes.
  • In back pain, it provides relief.
  • The capacity of weight is 250 pounds.
  • It can accommodate people of various heights.
  • It consists of dual pin system so that it is adjustable to any configuration.

Cons of inversion table-

  • Strap needs double stitching instead of single stitching
Body Champ IT 8070

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  1. Ironman Gravity 1000

Pros of the inversion table

  • It locks your ankle and holds you in place in thesecured
  • You are able to rotate in theposition of thecompletely inverted condition.
  • You can limit your adjustment at any angle by an adjustable strip.
  • The durable frame allows people to accommodate up to 300 pounds and can adjust people up to 6’6”.

Cons of the inversion table

  • It cannot be folded up easily and occupies a lot of space.
Ironman Gravity 1000

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  1. Health Mark Pro Max

Pros of the inversion table

  • Ithas got aunique design that is durable.
  • 25 total settings of height.

Cons of the inversion table-

  • It can be achieved by professional people, not by regular people.
Health Mark Pro Max

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  1. Body Max IT 6000

Pros of the inversion table

  • There is no competition.
  • This model is offered in the market which is amost affordable option.
  • It consists of thesturdy steel frame.
  • It has got dual duo pin system so that it can be easily adjusted.
  • It is asimple addition to thehome gym and routine exercise.
  • People up to 250 pounds can be accommodated to this model.
  • As it consists of dual-pin adjustment, it can fit people ranging from 4’8” up to 6’6’.

Cons of the inversion table

  • Cost is high rather than other products in the market.
inversion table

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  1. Ironman ATIS-4000

Pros of the inversion table

  • You will get animprovement of your spine.
  • It will help you to lock your position at 90 deg full.
  • The structure is made from steel and functionally lasts for years.
  • Made from durable metal steel scratch resistant powder is given.
  • Gives relaxation to the whole body.

Cons of the inversion table

  • Only supports 300 pounds and it may not be sufficient for some people.
Ironman ATIS-4000

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  1. Fit Form Inversion Therapy Table

Pros of the inversion table

  • It is designed in anaffordable
  • Price is also suitable for you.
  • It has got great ankle support.
  • It gives relief in back pain.
  • Helpful and surgery due to back pain may be replaced by this.

Cons of inversion table

  • It is quite costly than other products in the market which give same results.
Fit Form Inversion Therapy Table

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  1. Ironman Gravity 2000

Pros of the inversion table

  • It has got three adjustable levels for inversion.
  • It consists of non-skid stabilizers and bases are wide.
  • It is constructed with tubular steel frame and very well designed equipment.
  • It is coated with scratch resistant powder.
  • With heavy duty nylon material, backrest is constructed so that it is durable and flexible and provides comfort and flexibility.

Cons of the inversion table:

  • The device is quite heavy.
  • The ankle straps are not so much comfortable.
Ironman Gravity 2000 inversion table

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