Top 5 Products for Runners of 2018

Top 5 Products for Runners of 2018

Fitness is essential for health and the most enjoyable way to remain fit is running on the doubles. While running, you feel like flying in air but one should perform this exercise with care otherwise it can stress your feet and ankles. The market is flooded with running accessories and it is very tough to purchase the best product. So, we have listed the features you must look out for if you want to buy the quality product for yourself.

In addition, here we have listed top 5 products for runners for the best running experience for beginners and professional athletes.

Running shoes

A good quality pair of running shoes is the first and most important requirement of regular or professional runners and therefore it should be selected carefully. Here are the following features which you must look out for

  • Your shoe size – too small or too large size can make you uncomfortable while running and can ruin your experience. You can use the shoe chart to know the correct shoe size or you can measure your foot size with the help of a ruler.
  • Your foot shape – the shape of your feet can affect the way your run because the curve in the mid of the foot direct the pressure from the feet to various other regions. For example, when the curve of the foot is elevated then most of the pressure built up in the heel and ball of the foot while in case of middle arch, moderate amount of pressure built up in the center with respect to heel and ball. In case of low arch or flat foot, pressure is distributed throughout the surface of the foot. Knowing your foot shape can make you choose the right type of shoes for yourself. You can take the wiggle wet test to know your foot type.
  • Your running pattern – It is important to note that how your feet strike on the ground as faulty running pattern can increase the pressure over knees and joints increasing the risk of pain and injury in the body. Check out your running pattern and correct it if it is wrong.
  • Running need – before buying new pair of shoes, you should check out your running lifestyle means you run just for fun or fitness or as a professional. This will help you in selecting the specific pair of running shoes.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 is the running shoe of the year as users have praised it for its comfortable and stable features.


You need to carry few essentials like water bottle, mobile, keys etc. while you are on run and a can fulfil your requirements. While choosing a backpack, you must consider these following features in it

  • Weight – it should be light weighted so that it doesn’t become a burden for you or decrease your running speed
  • Straps – you don’t want your backpack to get detached from you while you are running on your full speed therefore its straps should be sturdy enough to tolerate all the bouncing and jumping movements,
  • Storage – it should provide enough storage to keep your essentials and accessible enough so that you don’t need to stop to take out any item from the backpack.
  • Material – good material is most important otherwise it won’t last for long and you will end up buying another backpack. Get a backpack which can absorb sweat during run and breathable to allow air on your back.

Camden gear hydration pack is the best available backpack in market. It is versatile in nature as it can be used by runners, men, women and even children. It has ample storage space and its straps don’t cause any irritation.


If you have flat feet then can give you the desired relief during running as they help you in correcting your posture, reduce pain caused due to injuries and prevent further injuries. Choosing the right insoles for yourself can be tiresome due to the availability of various options therefore you must consider these features

  • Material – it should be made up of firm material which should also be supple and washable if you are going to use it frequently
  • Size – it should be able to fit inside your shoe means either it is of same size or a bit smaller than your shoe.

Powerstep Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles are the best and affordable product in market. They don’t just reduce the pain caused due to injuries during running but also compatible with other shoes so that you can wear them on other occasions as well.


Your eyes can get injured with dust during a run or get affected by harsh UV rays so it is important to protect them. Buying best quality sunglasses is the apt solution for such condition because they protect your eyes from any airborne injury and it also blocks the sunlight so that you can concentrate more but you should check out these following features before any purchase

  • Material – It should be strong, flexible, durable and able to withstand the adverse conditions like too much sunlight and strong winds. It should be lightweight and has rubber cushion around nose and ears to keep it at place during a run.
  • Color – dark colored glasses are able to block the bright light so that you can run comfortably. In case of low light, golden tints gives better results as they shift out the bluish light so that you can see the details with much clarity. Mirrored lenses reduce the glare by reflecting the intense light.
  • UV protection – if you are a professional and spend most of the time on tracks then your sunglasses must have UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Breathable – Right fit is important but it should also be breathable means the lenses should be place away from your face to prevent any sweat coating around your eyes.
  • Cost – this feature definitely matters but if the features of sunglasses worth the price then investing in a good quality pair of sunglasses is not a bad idea

COSVER Polarized Sports Sunglasses are the favorite of runners because of its lightweight and sturdy features. It comes with polarized lenses and adjustable nose piece for more comfort.

Calf compression sleeve

If you often get tight calf muscles then you definitely need a pair of calf compression sleeve to reduce swelling, prevent scratches from shrubs or bushes during the run as it covers your lower legs, enhances support to the muscles and improves blood circulation which can improve your athletic performance. Here are some features you must consider while purchasing this amazing product

  • Measurements – determine your leg measurement by measuring your ankle, calf length and calf width.
  • Tightness – it should not be very loose or tight means it should secure and snug your calves without constricting the blood flow in your legs
  • Material – it should be breathable, moisture resistant and anti odor for better comfort

Copper Calf Compression Sleeve is the combination of nylon, cotton and spandex which gives you warmth and comfort and makes it the best product in market.

You can use running Backpack and Insoles for flat feet but all the above mentioned accessories can enhance your running experience for sure. So, keep the buying tips for the different accessories in mind while purchasing them and enjoy your run!!

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