Vella Visage Review – The Benefits of This Eye Revitalizer

The cosmetics aisle is crowded, but many of the products available are not very effective. Harmful chemicals give many products adverse side effects such as inflammation, acne breakouts, and rashes. Others are simply not potent enough to do anything. Vella Visage is an eye serum for women that actually works. It dramatically decreases the adverse effects of aging while simultaneously combating the harmful effects of UV radiation. The result is noticeably smoother skin free of puffiness, dark circles, and other common skin blemishes.

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Vella Visage Background

The first step to understanding how Vella Visage works is understanding why skin ages. As we age, the skin’s epidermis divides more slowly, creating a rough, sallow appearance. Older skin also has a harder time retaining moisture, rendering the skin particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of free radicals and UV radiation. These effects are most pronounced around the eyes, which is only .5 mm thick as opposed to the 2mm-thickness of the rest of the face. Crow’s feet around the eyes are the first visible sign of aging for precisely this reason.

Benefits of Vella Visage

Vella Visage stimulates blood circulation around the eyes via a process called microcirculation, helping to keep the area free of skin blemishes. This benefit actually compounds with other products that do the same thing, producing more dramatic results than either product could deliver alone. Furthermore, Vella Visage strengthens the connective tissues in the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks, and around the eyes.

Vella Visage may also be applied to eliminate puffiness and black circles around the eye. The product should be refrigerated before it is used in this manner, as the coolness helps the all-natural formula fix the inflammation serving as the root cause of many common skin blemishes.

Additionally, Vella Vistage contains antioxidants clinically proven to help older skin resist free radicals. Free radicals result from natural cell processes, but make the skin appear dull at higher concentrations. UV exposure can create excessive numbers of free radicals, so Vella Visage has SPF properties (like sunscreen) to help protect the sensitive skin around the eyes from the sun’s rays.

All-Natural Formula

Vella Visage produces these benefits without relying on chemicals of any kind, making the product free of the adverse side effects that plague other offerings on the market. This makes Vella Visage suitable for women of any age and skin type. Vella Visage is also developed, manufactured, and sold in the United States so you can rest assured, this eye revitalizer is of the highest quality.

The key ingredients in Vella Visage are Glycine Soy Bean Protein, Hydrolyzed rice bran protein, and oxido reductases. The names are a little abstract, so the manufacturer details what they do on their website.

First, the NaturaBase™ compounds allows Vella Visage to incorporate ingredients that only become active when heated into a formula that never requires heat. It consists of a water-oil mixture with a monolayer between them that focuses every component to one side, gaining the benefits of all of them. These compounds help the skin appear as vibrant as possible.

Next, a combination of purified soy and rice called Regu-Age improves blood hemodynamics and microcirculation. This compound mitigates the appearance of puffiness and black circles around the eyes, eliminates excess free radicals, and promotes the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, necessary compounds for flexible skin resistant to wrinkling.

How To Purchase Vella Visage

The first step to using Vella Visage is to purchase it directly from the manufacturer at Alternatively, you can order by phone by dialing 1-888-248-0199. Your purchase is backed by a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try Vella Visage risk free.

When your order arrives, simply apply it directly to the skin around your eyes when you would use a night cream. Massage it with your finger to ensure an even coating, and you’re done! You will be looking 10 years younger in no time!

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