6 Telltale Signs You Have A Weakened Immune System

6 Telltale Signs You Have A Weakened Immune System

The body’s immune system is responsible for protecting you against harmful bacteria, viruses, and infections. When you have a healthy immune system, your body is strong enough to fight it. This means you won’t succumb to those attackers and get sick. But if you do get sick, your symptoms can often be mild and manageable.

With such an essential role in your overall health, it’s, therefore, a must to ensure your immune system is in shape. To do this, you should take good care of your body and health and consider getting medications to give your immune system a boost. To learn more, you can visit .

But, it’d be good to note, too, that many factors may contribute to a weak immune system, such as alcoholism, smoking, stress, aging, and even poor nutrition.

As such, it’s essential to be mindful of the following warning signs that may indicate a weakened immune system.

  1. Your Stress Level Is Consistently High

It’s normal to be stressed once in a while. Stress could either be because of work situations or personal problems. But, if your stress is getting quite frequent even when external factors usually causing you stress are lightening up, then that could be a telling sign that your immune system’s response to stress may not be working.

While stress is predominantly a psychological and emotional matter, it has effects on your physical health, too. The reason is that stress can decrease the body’s lymphocytes, which are responsible for fighting off infection. That said, the lower your body’s lymphocytes level is, the higher the risk is for catching viruses like the common cold.

  1. You Frequently Catch Colds

Viruses and bacteria causing colds are present everywhere, especially now during the time of the pandemic. However, if your immune system is strong, you may be able to successfully fight off those viruses and bacteria and avoid getting sick.

If you suffer from colds often, that could be another sign of a weak immune system. On average, an individual with a healthy immune system tends to suffer from colds or infections thrice a year, with a recovery period of seven to ten days. On the other hand, those with a weak immune system tend to get colds more frequently and may take a longer time to recover.

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  1. You Have Long-Lasting Diarrhea And Constipation

Diarrhea can be a common result of a bacterial infection, lasting anywhere between two days to one week. However, if it goes as long as two to four weeks, that can be a warning sign that your immune system is weak. The direct effect of that weakened immune system is how it now affects and harms your digestive tract’s lining.

Like diarrhea, constipation is another problem. This is the opposite of soft stool. When suffering constipation, you’re finding it hard to pass. This can be characterized by a very firm stool or one that looks like rabbit pellets. These can all be signs your immune system is forcing your intestine to slow down.

  1. Your Wounds Are Slow To Heal

After getting a cut or a scrape, the skin’s natural response is to go into damage control mode and attempts to heal it. Your immune system sends nutrient-rich blood to the injury site to help the wound heal faster. This means your body can regenerate new skin fast.

However, this response highly depends on the presence of healthy immune cells. Otherwise, your skin can’t regenerate as it should.

  1. You Feel Fatigued Easily

Getting tired at the end of a long, working, or busy day is normal. But you should feel better after having a good night’s sleep. If you still wake up tired despite being obedient to your required sleeping times, it may be because your immune system is weak.

  1. You Have Dry Eyes

Having dry eyes is a common symptom among patients suffering from an , which is a result of an extremely weak immune system.

Along with dry eyes, you may also feel the following symptoms:

  • Sandy feeling as if something is inside your eye
  • Inability to cry, even when you’re upset
  • Pain and redness in the eyes

Final Words

With a healthy body, your immune system can play its part in warding off harmful body system attackers and invaders, thus, keeping possible diseases at bay. With a healthy lifestyle, you can ensure that your immune system can be in good shape.

But, if you happen to feel any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s time to give your doctor a visit. They’re the best to give you insights into what you should do to give your immune system its much-needed boost and prescribe necessary medications to help you recover.

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