What to Do If Your Guy Sleeps After Sex

Making love is always exciting. A steamy session of lovemaking not only makes you happy and satisfied but it is real fun indeed. However, at times it can be really annoying and frustrating. What if you find your guy snoring immediately he had sex with you?

This can instill a feeling of neglect and might make you feel alone as well. Having sex is an intimate act, and once you are done, you would want to continue with the same feel for some length of time; after all you guys are partners and are in love with each other. But unfortunately, there are many guys who tend to fall asleep after sex, once they are done.

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Do you have such a partner? If you do, and if you have been experiencing this frequently, then there is something you need to understand. Men are different! You can never expect him to react in the same way you want him to. Moreover, after having highly passionate sex, which was full of energy and spark, they can feel tired. So, instead of getting mad at him, try and figure out what makes him behave in such a manner and then find out ways to keep him awake even after you both are done.


If you really want to keep him awake after sex and spend some time cuddling with him, then try the following tips which have been proven to be quite effective to stop your partner from falling asleep:

Avoid using bed

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When it comes to a bed, it is primarily meant for relaxing and sleeping comfortably. After having an intense session of passionate lovemaking, it’s natural that his body gets tired due to the different changes it goes through. Also, the amount of physical effort he has to give to make the session pleasurable and satisfactory for both makes him feel sleepy. As a result, when he finds himself in the comfort of a cozy bed, his body gives up. So, in order to prevent him from falling asleep try having sex somewhere else other than your bed. What about your sofa? That sounds exciting, isn’t it? Or the floor? Making it out on both of these places will be fun and at the same time can prevent him from sleeping. Once you are done, your partner would not feel the urge to fall asleep immediately as the floor might be a good place to have sex, but not for a nice and comfortable sleep.

Alter the time

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Are you used to having sex at a time of the day? Usually, couples have sex after they have completed their dinner and are in their bed in each other’s hug with their nightdress on. This can have a monotonous effect on your partner and since he goes through the same cycle over and over again, he doesn’t find the post sex period to be interesting enough. What you can do to break this monotony and make him feel excited is to alter the time. What about surprising him when he returns from his office? Don’t even allow him to settle down, be right on him the moment he steps inside the home. Try different other exciting ways to make your sex life more exciting and appealing. The main purpose of altering the time is to change the cycle. If you alter the time of having sex and try new things he will be curious about what is going to happen next and this will keep him awake. This technique will not only help you and your partner to get rid of the boredom but you would also be able to give it a refreshing start.

Try different things

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After a certain point of time, love making can be monotonous and feel like a regular activity. And this might make your guy fell asleep right after the release. In order to make it more exciting and to keep the adrenal flowing even after you are done, it is important to try different things. What exactly is meant by “trying different things?” Well, it is all about using your innovative skills and creativity to add more spice to your sex life. You might add some music to the background while having the intense session or indulge in some kinky foreplay with each other prior having sex. You can also doll yourself up in his favorite color lingerie and make him crave for your body more than anything. This will make him feel wanted thus creating a sense of excitement in him. Talk to your partner if required and prepare the settings as per his likings before indulging in the act.

Give a break

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At times it is a good idea to give a break to your sex life. Though having sex is enjoyable and fun; however, repeating the same act over and over again can create boredom making your guy feel sleepy post lovemaking. The best idea to break the feeling of repetition is to make your sex life more passionate and exciting. In order to make it happen, give a break! Wondering how long you need to stay away from making love? Well, that depends on you and your partner; more you refrain yourself from having sex, more you would feel the urge. Men by nature are more aggressive when it comes to having sex. When you get along after giving a break, then you will find that your guy would be much more involved in the act than before and would be with you holding you in his cuddle even after you are done.

Take the lead

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If your man tends to sleep after sex you just can’t blame him or get angry at him. As a partner, you have a role to play if you wish your man to stay awake after having sex. Try and keep him engaged in talks or don’t let him part with you. Make him feel special and reiterate the moments of excitement that you had with each other just a few minutes back. This is the time when you need to take control of the things. You can get out of the bed and ask him to join you at the balcony where both of you can spend some intimate moments together. Or you can play some romantic music and dance with each other in slow moves. This will not only keep him engaged for a long time and stop him from sleeping but will also keep you both connected together. What’s more? In order to pump up his adrenaline, you can play the lead role while lovemaking or do role reversals to add more excitement.

Talk to your partner

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Other than all these techniques, there is a very basic and simple thing that you can do. Communication is said to be the best key to solve any issue and this is equally applicable in this context. If you find him sleeping everyday right after he separates from you, speak to him about this clearly. Don’t be hyper but make him feel comfortable while you share your feeling with him. Let him know that you feel alone and neglected when he turns around and falls asleep immediately after having sex with you. Don’t feel shy or uncomfortable while sharing your feelings and expectations with him. Communication is actually very important as it would help your partner realize your feelings and he would understand what exactly you expect from him.


It needs to be kept in mind that men, due to their physiological structure tend to feel more tired after having sex. This is quite natural for them to behave in such a manner. So, instead of getting into a heated confrontation with him, you can try these tips, which have proven to be quite effective and helped many couples to improve their sex life to a great extent.