Why Do Cycling and its Major Health Advantages?

Why Do Cycling and its Major Health Advantages?

Cycling is the popular activity for many decades because of many reasons such as social, be havioral, economical and health related.

Social activity

Cycling is one activity which is most enjoyed when it is performed in group like going to school or college with fellow classmates, riding along with friends or siblings and chasing each other. It gives immense happiness while bonding with each other.

Positive behavioral changes

This practice makes you more focused and attentive. It also makes you competitive when it is done in the group because it is speed related. It also gives you a feeling of euphoria and makes you feel high.

Economic aid

This is the most efficient and low management mode of transportation as it requires no fuels like diesel or petrol. It saves the money you spend on transportation and thus increasing your savings.

Personal health trainer

This is also a high impact exercise and gives you many health benefits like:

  • Strengthens and tones up the muscles

This practice requires the active participation of muscles of the upper and lower body at the same time and thus it benefits all the muscles in the body evenly in a holistic manner. It tones up the major attractions of the body like glutes, thighs, calves, arms, shoulders etc.

  • Increase stamina

If you are giving second thoughts to running, jogging and weight training exercises because of your low stamina, but you love doing cycling then stop thinking about other exercises. Your love or interest for cycling is enough to keep you motivated and a few hours of cycling can slowly build up your stamina indirectly. You will not notice how far and how long you are spending time with cycling because of its easiness.

  • Burns calories

Stats show that you can burn around 300 calories in an hour if you cycle regularly. It means if you spend even 30 minutes on cycling then you can lose almost eleven pounds in a year.

  • Gives you a healthy heart

A healthy heart means a healthy body and as per the British Medical Association, covering 20 miles of cycling in a week can reduce the chances of coronary heart diseases by fifty percent

  • Increase focus and coordination

Cycling is a well coordinated practice and it engages many coordinated movements like arm-to-leg, feet-to-hands and body-to-eye. Your mind always remains alert about the surroundings to prevent any accident and focused on the path ahead which increases these mental skills.

  • Anticancer, workout

People who spend their 30 minutes of the day in cycling are less likely to develop cancer and it is proven by Finnish researchers. Other research also proved that women riders have reduced risk of breast cancer by 34 percent.

  • Removes sleep deprivation

According to a professor from Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre, cycling exposes you to the daylight and thus it normalizes your circadian rhythm and also removes the stress inducing hormone “Cortisol” from the body and thus induce deep and regenerative sleep.

  • Maintains younger looks

Studies have proved that regular cycling can prevent skin damage from harmful ultraviolet radiations and slow down the aging process. Improved cardiovascular system supplies oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more efficiently while flushing out the toxins. Therefore, your skin becomes more radiating and healthy.

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