10 Skincare Secrets When you Workout in Winter

10 Skincare Secrets When you Workout in Winter

Wind can damage your skin in the long run. Also makes your skin dries and crackly, and the most vulnerable are the lips, hands and eye zone. To make your skin healthy and shiny, even when winter is harsh,it requires special care.

Although sun by its reputation is the greatest enemy of the skin, winter and cold days are very dangerous for our skin and whole body too.

A sharp wind and dry air outside plus central heating can suck moisture from the skin which so often in the winter tends to be dry, cracked and flaky.

Dehydrated skin becomes tightens and itchy, and all this causes rapid formation of wrinkles and skin aging.

Skin for winter and cold should be very well prepared and during the cold days further nurtured. Although winter calendar is not fully reached, your skin does not know that. It only responds to cold temperatures outside and dry air inside. Help her “survive” this period with less stress.

Skincare secrets for Workout in Winter

  1. Nourish your skin from the inside

Healthy skin starts with a proper diet, and the best result is achieved when you feed your skin from the inside.

For skin is especially important to contain healthy fats, or omega-3 fatty acids that make up the skin and hair more beautiful and youthful.

The fat in nuts and avocados are also fantastic for a healthy and radiant complexion, also because they contain antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium.

skincare secrets
Nibble nuts for beautiful skin
  1. Reduce the shower time

Yes, we know that there is nothing more beautiful than a long hot shower, but not for your skin.

Long, hot baths eliminate the protective oils from the skin which dries the skin further. Best for the skin is a brief shower in warm water.

Immediately after showering while your skin still damp and the pores are open, on the skin apply a rich moisturizer.

TRY IT OUT: Before jumping in to the shower, put a cream on your body and dip in hot water. When you are feeling smear and cozy, the heat will help the cream to easier and better absorbed by the skin.

  1. Especially nourish hands, lips and face

The cold air outside combined with dry air in particular, will quickly and easily dry out the delicate skin of the face, hands and lips.

In winter, it is therefore necessary to nurish hands with a little bit fatter oil, and nourishing cream for the hands that we should havenear us in every circumstance. The same goes for the lips, which are also very exposed to the negative effects of the cold.

Help your face skin with creams that contain essential fatty acids, urea, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that fight against water loss.

TRY IT OUT: Grease your lips every night with coconut oil. You can also add a bit of honey. With this nutritious and delicious combination it is guaranteed that you will wake up with soft and manicured lips.

  1. Do not forget the sunscreen

winter care

Although we are in the autumn and winter are less exposed to the sun, it does not mean that we are fully protected from harmful radiation.

Let your face cream throughout the year has a minimum SPF 15, but if you spend a lot of time outdoors or going skiing, take sunscreen 30 or more.

  1. Wrap up!

wrap up

Sounds pretty obvious, but most people do not wear gloves in the winter. We recommend that you start to wear as cool off and to wear them every day until spring. That’s because even the slightest damage to the skin can make your skin cracks with which they could have problems.

The same goes for the lips, which in the open should always be covered with balm. Scarves, hats, ear protectors are also a great help to avoid loss of moisture.
Hat and gloves will protect your skin from the cold

If your skin devote a lot of care, attention and love, and she is still very dry and irritated, it is possible that you need expert advice or visit a dermatologist.

Everyone has a different skin, so will everyone and suit different products.

With expert advice, find what suits you and enjoy the soft and nurtured skin all year round.

  1. Moisten the air

In winter, the moisture content in ambient air usually low, and in heated rooms situation is even worse.

The skin therefore suffering greatly, so get a humidifier and bear in mind that our bodyneeds a lot of water.

When you see how much water evaporates per day, it will be clear that skin suffers in those parts of the body not covered by clothing.

  1. Proper diet

During the winter days, you need food that is rich with water, beta carotene, vitamins A, B, C and E, iron and zinc and omega acids.

  1. Organic food

Give preference to seasonal organic grown fruits and vegetables such as various citrus, pomegranates, apples, carrots, celery, pumpkin, fresh and sour cabbage or turnip greens, kale and spinach.

Essential fatty acids you can get by eating nuts and high-quality cold-pressed oils – such as olive, pumpkin, hemp, oil seeds and other. Carotenoids are particularly rich foods yellow and orange colors.

  1. Massage with glycerin and rose water

Mix glycerin and rose water in a bottle or jar in a ratio of 1:10. Shake to mix the ingredients better.

Rub the preparation into the body before going to bed. A daily massage mixture of glycerin and rose water skin will provide the necessary moisture and make it soft and smooth.

  1. Massage with almond and milk

A handful or two of almonds put in bowl with milk and wait till it gets soft.

All grind to a pulp and the case is thick, add more milk to become almost liquid, but still able massage your body.

Almond is an excellent source of vitamin E, which improves the structure of the skin, and in addition is rich in fat for which skin cries out during the dry winter period.

If you add an cashews, preparation will be even more effective and more nutritious.

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