6 Essential Tips For Winter Skin Care

6 Essential Tips For Winter Skin Care

Winters are amazing because it give relief from the heat and humidity of the summers and rain but it can also give you irritated and itchy skin, chapped lips, dry scalp and frizzy hair. Yes, that’s right!! If you don’t want these harmful effects of winters on your skin then you must practice these important skin care tips for retaining your soft and glowing skin stay away from soap and hot water

The harsh chemicals of soap and hot water can strip off the natural oil of the body. Therefore, you must avoid chemical based soaps which contain alcohol or fragrances and choose organic soaps or essential oils instead of these items. If you will use hot water with chemical soap then the skin will dry out much faster which leads to red and itchy skin.

Tips for winter skin care are given as follows:

Moisturize your skin

The best way to avoid the winter’s harsh effects is to keep your skin moisturized as much as possible. You should use an oil based moisturizer during winters to lock the moisture in the skin. In addition, you can massage your body with coconut or argan oil 30 minutes before taking a bath. Massaging the skin will improve the blood circulation and texture of skin making it soft and supple.

Consume good fats

If the skin of your hands isn’t soft and smooth then it is possible that your body is like the good fats like omega 3 fatty acids, Mono saturated fatty acid and poly saturated fatty acid. You can find these fats in nuts, walnuts, soya, tofu, olive oil and salmon etc.

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Keep yourself hydrated

If you don’t have enough water in your body then your skin will look dull, flaky, dried and lips will become chapped. Your hair will become frizzy and brittle while dry scalp can lead to itchiness and dandruff. You may not feel thirsty in winters but it is very essential to drink recommended amount of water (3-4 liters a day). Besides that, you can have water rich veggies like carrots, lettuce, cucumber, lemon, watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, kiwi etc.

Exfoliate dead skin

Dry and dead skin prevents the moisture to get into the skin therefore it is very important to get rid of it by exfoliating it on regular interval. You can do it by using an exfoliating mask or body washes on the most exposed area like your face, hands as well as lips. Moisturize the skin immediately after exfoliation to get a soft new skin.

Use humidifier

Heaters can dry out the air while you try to protect yourself from the cold air and it can rob your skin moisture. To tackle this condition, you can install good quality humidifier in different areas of your home especially your bedroom to retain moisture in your home.

The above mentioned tips are not just beneficial for your skin but it will improve your overall health as you will take care of your body from inside out. Winters may make you a bit lazy but with these easy tips you can surely get soft and glowing skin.

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