Winter Skin Care: Tips Must Follow For Healthy Skin

Winter Skin Care: Tips Must Follow For Healthy Skin

Winter can cause mayhem on your skin, and you may feel irritant and hopeless: blustery, cold external conditions can cause redness on the skin, while heat from indoor locations drains away moisture from your skin, leaving it dry. Luckily there are several winter skincare techniques to prevent dry skin conditions and keep your body nourished. By making minor changes in your everyday routine, you can maintain healthy skin even during winter according to your skin type.

How can I take care of my face naturally in winter?

The easiest way to take care of your face naturally in winter is to maintain your body moisture content. The skin produces natural oils that help your skin remain healthy and moist. Avoid long baths and showers. If you can, reduce the frequency of washing your body and use only warm water. After the bath, use a natural oil-based moisturizer for glowing skin in winters.

Does winter make skin dark?

During winter, we love to get sunlight. However, this causes skin tanning and also the formation of dark pigmented patches on the skin. This happens because of the uneven transfer of melanin during exposure to sunlight. Repeated exposure can cause the patches to become more permanent. Winter conditions also cause the skin to lose moisture and make it dry. Due to these conditions, the patches become even more prominent and visible on the skin.

How can I remove darkness from my face in winter?

The first aspect of a winter skincare routine is proper skin protection from sunlight. This can be done by avoiding sun exposure as much as possible, using physical protection such as an umbrella or hat, applying sunscreen, etc. Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before exposure and reapplied if you stay outdoors for long periods.

How can I make my skin soft in winter?

Add moisture to your body by increasing your daily water intake. Keep your body hydrated and moisturize your skin regularly. You can add a Natural oil-based moisturizer to your skincare routine for winter. In addition, consider overnight moisturizer treatments to keep your lips, hands, feet, knees, and elbows moist.

What is the secret to glowing skin in winter?

Dull skin is a common occurrence in winter. Get yourself nourished properly to get glowing skin. Vitamin C has skin brightening effects, reduces pigmentation, and lightens scars. It even keeps the skin plump and hydrated, giving you an extra glow. Add lemon or orange juice to your daily routine of winter skincare for dry skin.

Here in this article, we answer your most pertinent question How to keep a healthy face skin?

  • Use Lukewarm Water
A girl who is washing her face with water - winter skin care

Long steamy showers may seem tantalizing during winter, but hot water causes skin dryness. Instead, use mildly warm water to take a bath or wash your body, as this will preserve the moisture content in your skin. By following these winter skin care tips, you can avoid dry skin.

  • Stay Hydrated
A girl is drinking water with a bottle - winter skin care routine

It is a great idea to moisturize your skin from the inside out, i.e., by staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water and juices, etc., to avoid dryness. Also, add whole foods rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids to your diet.

  • Choose Skin Care Products Wisely
All skin care product together - winter skin care tips

If your skin feels dry and itchy, then it’s time to revisit your moisturizer. Avoid skincare products that contain retinoid and alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHAs) as they can cause dermatitis during prolonged exposure. Also, stay clear of products that have artificial fragrances or alcohol. This will help you retain the natural oils in your skin. Finally, pay special attention to your dark circles care.

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  • Do Not Exfoliate Your Skin A Lot
A girl is Exfoliating her face - winter skin care for dry skin

It is better to let the skin shed dead cells on its own. However, if you exfoliate the skin often, it can cause slow cell turnover. This results in acne, dull skin and causes it to dry out frequently. Over-exfoliation also causes tiny cracks in the skin barrier and causes inflammation.

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  • Protect your Lips
A girl is applying lip balm on her lips - skin care in winter

A combination of chilly weather, cold air outside and dry, hot air inside can make your lips tight and dry. Lips have a special type of skin that is very delicate and thin and require lip care in winters. Make use of lip care products that lock the moisture and help heal splits and cracks in the skin. Choose a lip balm that contains petroleum, glycerin, or essential oils.

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  • Don’t Forget the Hands and Foot
someone is applying Moisturizer on hands - skin care routine for winter

It is vital to protect your hands and foot during cold winter with gloves and socks, respectively. Try cotton material if you find wool gloves or socks irritating your skin.

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  • Avoid Anything That Irritates the Skin
a girl is applying moisturizer on her face - skin care for winter season

Many cold-weather clothing fabrics can induce dry skin. Keep rough clothing and woolen material from direct contact with your skin as it can cause skin irritation. Instead, wear light clothes of breathable, soft fabrics directly near your skin and then wear warmers or heavier sweaters.

  • Follow a Daily Skin Care Routine
all skin care products together - winter skin care

Make it a habit to apply sunscreen whenever you go out. Drink plenty of water daily. Invest in a humidifier that retains moisture in your home. Monitor your home temperature to keep it cool and comfortable. Practicing these tips for face care daily will keep your skin soft and supple.

  • Moisturize at Bedtime
A girl is applying moisturizer on her face - winter skin care routine

A major bedtime mistake in night skin care is not moisturizing your skin before going to bed. Even if you don’t like to lube up your whole body, it’s better to give extra love to your elbows, heels, and knees that tend to get dry quickly at night.

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  • Take Care of Your Diet
all the healthy food - winter skin care tips

Regular drinking of caffeine and alcohol can cause skin dehydration. In addition, sugary foods break down elastin and collagen, reducing skin glow. Instead, add colorful fruits and green vegetables to your diet as they help balance your body’s pH levels.

  • Regular Exercise
A girl is exercising on yoga mat - winter skin care for dry skin

Regular exercise helps you stay fit and keep your vitals such as blood pressure and body weight balanced. In addition, it results in a better mood, helps you feel more relaxed, and sleep better. This, in turn, has the additional benefit of natural skin glow.


Caring for your skin in winter takes a little effort, but it’s well worth the effort. With our winter face care tips, you can enjoy the cold weather without worrying about dry and itchy skin. Instead, you can keep your skin smooth and moisturized by religiously following a winter skin care routine.

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