Skin Care: How to Have a Healthy Skin

The personality of human beings is primarily triggered by the holistic representation of who they are in the eyes of other people. Your skin plays a crucial role in establishing how you are perceived. This is why people spend incredible amounts of money on cosmetics and visiting beauty parlors for skin care treatment. While you can rely on cosmetics and skin treatments as a last resort, there are several skin care tips you can follow on a daily basis to keep your skin radiant and healthy.

skin care tips

Discussed below are some helpful tips that will keep you looking amazing and young for long.

Face Cleansing and Exfoliation

Face cleansing is a skin maintenance technique that comes highly recommended by most beauty experts. Makeup contains a variety of chemicals and acts like a tight facial mask that keeps the skin pores on your face clogged, which can lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and acne breakouts. This makes facial cleansing before retiring to bed a crucial skin care activity for keeping your skin healthy. Facial exfoliation, on the other hand, helps in getting rid of dead cells from your facial skin. It also rids your skin of harmful toxins and improves your complexion while adding a glow to your face. However, facial exfoliation should only be done moderately, preferably once a week as opposed to daily as it can potentially make your skin appear dry.

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Moisturize your Skin

Other than drinking water to remain dehydrated, you can use body moisturizers on your skin. While moisturizers do not add moisture by themselves, they lock in the available moisture thus keeping your skin hydrated. Make a habit of moisturizing your body after taking baths. Also, soak a towel in warm water and place it on your face for a little while before applying the moisturizer. This way, the pores on your facial skin will open up, allowing the moisturizer to soak into your face.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet can make you feel and look great. For optimal skin health, you need to consume vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and fruits in plenty. Diets that are rich in fish oil and refined carbohydrates can also promote youthful skin.

Minimize your Exposure to Sun

While small amounts of the sun are vital for supplying vitamin D, too much exposure to the sun can cause skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles and skin discoloration especially for people with lighter skin tones. You may utilize to alleviate, reduce, mask or control facial marks. More importantly, protect your skin by wearing sunglasses and using titanium dioxide or zinc based sunscreens. It is also advisable to cover your skin with tightly woven cloths such as long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Also, you may consider using laundry additives, which give clothes an additional ultraviolet protective layer.

Your skin plays a crucial role in how other people perceive you. Appropriate skin care coupled with a healthy lifestyle will not only prevent various skin issues, but it might also delay the natural aging process. While using cosmetics can serve as a temporally way of enhancing your look, daily night skin care routines can potentially leave you looking and feeling good for an extended period.

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