13 Most Extreme Ways to Lose Weight

13 Most Extreme Ways to Lose Weight

Being in shape has become a necessity today when looks are valued more than the experience and knowledge, especially when you are in the hospitality industry or in the business of acting and modelling. In order to appear their best, people are now shifting to quick weight loss measures without even realising their dangers. If you are a weight loss seeker, we would advise you to educate yourself about the good and bad options of reducing weight. This will help embark on a healthy weight loss journey.

Find out the 13 methods you should not adhere to for quick weight loss.

  1. Crash Dieting

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In order to lose weight at the earliest, people often try crash dieting without understanding its dangerous side effects on the body. They cut down the total amount of carbohydrates and fats from their body by skipping meals regularly. Some go to the extent of just consuming water and a plate of salad in a day. Many experts believe that crash dieting is not a healthy solution of losing weight. It can cause malnutrition and in case of lack of essential nutrition, you may also suffer from Osteoporosis. The change in metabolism due to skipping meals could prove fatal for your heart; it can affect its functioning.

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Also when you start eating again after losing the unwanted weight through crash diet course, your body tends to gain it back at a faster rate leaving you at a major risk of unhealthy weight gain. Moreover, it can cause eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

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  1. Liposuction


You will come across many beauty salons and weight loss parlours offering great discount on the sessions of liposuction. But unfortunately, people do not have enough knowledge about this weight loss method. Let us explain what it is so you can decide yourself whether to go for it or not.

In liposuction, tiny incisions are made in the skin through which a narrow tube is inserted. The tube is constantly pulled up and down to suck a layer of fat under the skin. It leads to heavy loss of fluid from your body. Your body is left with bruises and red inflamed areas that start decreasing after a month of the procedure. Some of the rare consequences of liposuction involves permanent damage to the skin colour and nerves. Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, can be delirious for you thus you must discuss it at length with your physician before undergoing this surgery.

  1. The K-E Diet

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Another weight loss trend which has shocked the world is the K-E Diet, also known as Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet. Introduced by an American Doctor called Dr. Oliver di Pietro from Florida the diet can lead to a weight loss 20 lbs. within a span of ten days. This quick weight loss solution involved insertion of a nasoigastric tube which through the nose goes to the stomach and food is given through this tube. The food is in liquid solution which constantly keeps dripping. The liquid has 800 calories through a mix of fats, water and protein. Due to lack of carbohydrates, the body burns fat at a rapid speed. For ten days, the tube and the supply of liquid food has never to be disconnected. The fluid bag has to be carried wherever you go. People seeking immediate weight loss has tried this method.

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  1. An urine injection keeps the fat away!

This one is the most bizarre methods you will ever read to lose weight. This method doesn’t require you to either diet or exercise to get rid of excessive weight. Instead it requires you get a daily injection of urine of a pregnant lady. The injection could help you lose as much as 30 inches within a period of 5 months. Weight loss counsellors offering this procedure believe that it is the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine of a pregnant woman which helps to cut back flab. The hormone increases the metabolism rate.

  1. Stomach Stapling

This method involves shortening of the stomach by making it a pouch capable of holding just ounce of food. This means that you will be eating less thus reducing weight. The surgery involves high risk of stomach infections thus given to only those who have life-threatening levels of obesity. While it is a fact that you will lose a lot of weight after this surgery, you will also put yourself under high risk of infections by going through this surgery. Consult your doctor before taking this extreme weight loss step.

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  1. Injecting less insulin

This method is adhered by obese teenagers who are also suffering from diabetes. A highly dangerous method, the diabetic patient injects less insulin than the prescribed amount. What happens is that your system has enough insulin to survive but it is not sufficient to keep the blood sugar levels low. Therefore, the stored fat of the body is the main source of providing energy, which will subsequently lead to weight loss. But having abnormal levels of blood sugar can cause fatal situations such as stroke or heart failure. Insulin abuse can also damage your liver or kidneys thus should not be attempted at all.

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  1. Weight loss pills

There are pills to suppress your appetite and then there are pills to absorb your fats. However, one must understand that weight loss pills disturb your body’s metabolism rate and can cause addiction as they have stimulants in them. People often don’t know that these pills can cause chest pain, palpitations and high blood pressure. They should be taken only when prescribed by a doctor.

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  1. Laxatives

You might take high dose of laxatives regularly in order to lose unwanted pounds however, one must know how harmful they are. The function of laxatives is to force food out of your system so that it doesn’t digest properly, leaving behind fats and carbohydrates. Though the method helps you lose weight, it causes loss of fluid and triggering dehydration and nausea. In extreme cases, it can lead to a life-threatening case of diarrhoea and irregular, painful bowel movements. This dieting fad has a low chances of success and puts your health on risk thus should not be followed.

  1. Bulimia

First, this is not a weight loss but a severe eating disorder. Secondly, it can make you vulnerable to many problems such as chronic gastric reflux, dehydration, frequent bowel movements, rotted enamel, hypokalemia, peptic ulcers and swelled oesophagus. The disorder is characterised by binge eating followed by vomiting which is self-induced in order to flush out food from your body. This method also causes internal damage and can prove fatal.

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  1. Drug Addiction

It is a popular belief, especially among teenagers, that consumption of drugs can give them a slimmer body. However, one cannot overlook the side-effects of drug consumption. Weed, cannabis etc. can work on stubborn fat and help you lose them but do you really think it is a practical way of weight loss? It can put you on the risk of liver failure, kidney or oral cancer, giving you no time to appreciate your thinner figure. Make safe choices to reduce weight.

  1. Tongue Patch

This is not a logical way of losing weight; it is not even consistent. The method involves sewing a patch to the tongue because of which you will not be able to eat solid foods thus being dependent on liquid diet and therefore, losing weight. The patch is removed after one month and you can start eating solid foods. First, there is a risk of mouth infection, second- it is painful and third, once the patch has been removed, you can easily gain back the lost pounds if the diet is not adhered.

  1. Rigorous Cardio sessions

Without realising what gym can do to their body, people often spend hours and hours exercising on machines like treadmill in order to lose weight fast. But do you know that hours spent on a treadmill makes your knees weak and put strain on the bones of your legs. Consequently, you may have knee pain and tingling sensation in your legs. Your gym session must be observed by a professional trainer who can help you chart out a proper plan for weight loss. You can try practicing yoga, lose calories by engaging yourself in aerobics or Zumba. Do not strain your body unnecessarily.

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  1. Hoodia extract

A succulent found in Africa, now it is stocked by chemists all over the world, selling it as a natural cure for losing weight. But people are unaware about the fact that Hoodia is used to treat indigestion and stomach infections. However, it also suppress appetite. This doesn’t mean that it is a substitute for weight loss measures. It can cause liver damage thus shouldn’t consumed without a doctor’s advice.

The above mentioned quick tricks to lose weight might sound magical but any procedure that burns fat faster than the normal rate has side effects that are often unseen in the first few phases of weight loss. They hamper the normal functioning of your body and can trigger lethal health conditions. Eating judiciously and exercising under the guidance of the right trainer are the simpler and safest ways of losing weight, even if they take more time than extreme weight loss methods.

You cannot lose weight in a matter of a few hours. Accept this fact for an easier and a successful weight loss journey.

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