Best Time to Lose Fat- Without Painful Exercise or Surgery [Interview]

Best Time to Lose Fat- Without Painful Exercise or Surgery [Interview]

Ah! If you are a blogger, you must be familiar with the undiscovered rush you get when you hear about bloggers meet up. My unexplored excitement overtook me since the time I came to know about the blogging meet up that was about to held in the magnificent Sainik Farm, Country Club- Delhi. If you can only imagine my exhilaration then! But it soon turned into a wee bit of disappointment when I arrived late at the scene of magic, my bad luck. Yes! Of course, I tried to be punctual (I swear this time). But hey, you know how you can get caught up right before your most awaited moment, don’t ya?

So, anyway, luckily I reached at the neck of time and oh my God! It was a blogger’s dream, to say the least. I could not hold on to my inner blogger anymore and jumped into the spirit that the venue beheld. Yup, I did meet some of the figures I anticipated to meet ever since I can remember. From my conversations with these significant and great figures, I got information that is wanted, desired, daring and unimaginably sweet for a blogger! Oh yes, I’m certainly writing this with a grin right now.

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The Unexpected Interview with Mr. Swaroop, Indian Division Sales Manager BLT Aesthetics

One of the greats from the bunch was Mr. Swaroop, the Sales Manager of the Indian Division of BTL Aesthetics. Needless to say, I had a chat with him about BTL Aesthetics and their future plans. Here I am throwing some light on the chitchats that we had.

  • Please brief me about your company and products.

Since its beginning in Prague, the Czech Republic in 1993, BTL has bloomed as a breakthrough company in providing state-of – the- art services in the areas of Cardiology, Physiotherapy, and Aesthetics. Due to delivering one of a kind and some of the first-of- its- kind technology, BTL Aesthetics has grown into an industry with direct and administered offices in more than 54 countries spanning 4 continents of the globe. We have 1100 employees, 200 R&D engineers, and our community is expanding quite rapidly.

Our product, the BTL Vanquish ME is a non-surgical and painless medical treatment which heats up the skin to 42 Celsius and the underlying fat layers to 46 degrees in order to lose fat thus giving a slim and toned body. This includes the areas which require heavy exercises as well like the areas of the midsection.

  • How many body shaping centers do you have all over India?

Currently, we have 8 operational centers that are available in PAN India. We hope to expand more to assist our clients with further convenience in the future.

You can find the list of the BTL Vanquish ME Centers in India here


1. Dr. Rekha Sheth,Mumbai-Exilis Elite User
2. Dr. Jaishree Sharad,Mumbai- Exilis User
3. Dr. Falguni Shah,Mumbai-Exilis User
4. Dr. Simple Aher,Mumbai-Exilis Elite User
5. Dr. Kiran Hebbalkar,Mumbai- Exilis User
6. Dr. Rohan Anand, Pune
7. Dr. Vijay Nagdeo, Pune
8. Dr. Munish Shah, Baroda


  1. Dr. Rajendran,BLR
  2. Dr.MK shetty,BLR
  3. Dr. Chandrashekhar,BLR
  4. Dr.Ganesh Pai,Mangalore

Delhi ( North)

  1. Dr. Simal Soin(User of Exilis Elite)
  2. Dr. Vivek Mehta (User of Exilis Elite)
  3. Dr. Chiranjeev Chhabra
  4. Isaac (User of Exilis)
  5. Dr.Amit Luthra (user of Exilis Elite VQ)
  6. SENS (user of Exilis Elite)g) Dr.Neeraj Pandey (User of Exilis Elite),LKO

East (Kolkata)

  1. Poonam Negi (User of VQ)
  2. Dr. Kaushik Lahiri
  3. Dr. Abhishek Dey – Kolkata
  4. Dr.PK Bhopalka ,Siliguri (User of Exilis Elite)
  5. Dr. Saroj Rai,Ranchi (User of Exilis)
  6. Dr.Rima Das, Guwahati (User of Exilis Elite)
  • How does BTL Vanquish ME work?

The first thing I would like to say is, the BTL Vanquish ME machine is FDA approved. Being the leading and the only kind of machine for non-invasive visible fat reduction uses a painless procedure which works on a large area in just one go giving faster and smoother results.

Since it is a nonsurgical procedure, a contactless panel array is used to create high-frequency Selective RF energy field to treat wide areas of midsection from flank to flank in a single session. Hence, this unique technology gives a natural effect throughout the abdomen and the core area but only in 4-6 treatment sessions of short span. This largest spot next generation fat reducing feature is in contrast with other technologies that read localized fat deposits and layers in smaller areas.

  • Obesity is one of the leading states of health many children suffer from lifestyle diseases. Does BTL have any age restriction or it can be used by anyone?

Age is no bar regarding the usage of BTL. Anyone suffering from obesity and feeling frustrated with their excessive body fat in spite of eating healthy and doing regular exercises can safely take the help of BTL to reduce their fat deposits. Of course, one needs to go through clinical eligibility criteria before going through this process. BTL can only be used under expert clinician only.

So, anyone eligible can gain back their confidence using this highly advanced painless and affordable treatment.

  • Has any celebrity endorsed BTL and have a testimony for further info?

We maintain a strict client privacy policy due to which we cannot openly take any names. But yes, many male and female Bollywood celebrities have used BTL Vanquish ME due to its helpful results without any pain or other side-effects.

However, if any celebrity agrees to give their open testimonials, one of them being Shilpa Shindey, we provide them in our list of testimonials. [You can check their testimonials here…Coming soon]

  • The last question; is there any bad effect of this treatment?

As I mentioned earlier, it is FDA approved. We have a high rate of success with no considerably long-term effects so far. While during the treatment, for very short term, you may feel some temporary lumps around the stomach. Otherwise there are no long-term bad effects at all. We do not give our patients any tough or complicated instructions to follow neither there is any requirement of compression garments nor any downtime. Therefore, if the patient does not gain considerable weight, this fat reduction is permanent. Furthermore, we provide long-term assistance by recommending post treatment help. Such recommendations include a healthy nutrition and diet management along with sufficient exercise.

One of the biggest advantages of this treatment procedure that the patients love is the fact that this process is nonsurgical and the result is natural-looking. Hence, they never need to worry about their external skin or muscle damage. So, this repeatable and pain-free procedure is ideal for anyone who intends to eliminate their belly fat and avoid weight loss surgeries at all cost.

After this interview with Mr. Swaroop, I went home with a giant smile on my face as soon as the meet up was winded up. After all, with my ever-growing love for pizza and my uttermost scare for big pointy needles and weight loss surgeries, I am glad that BTL Vanquish Me exists! It is for the common man and our common insecurities, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for more exciting conversations with such society heroes right here on my blog….

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