5 Common Skin Problems and their Solutions

Skin problems can be both painful and embarrassing. Imagine going to a party with red, itchy spots on your cheeks! What people generally do is cover their skin problems with heavy make-up. Do you do the same thing? If yes, then you should know that camouflaging a skin problem with make-up can have negative effects on your skin. Dermatologists around the world suggest not hiding them with make-up but rather going for easy solutions!

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Everyone has skin problems. There is nothing wrong in it. You need not hide them or feel embarrassed about it. If you look confident even when you have a huge pimple on your forehead people will not bother about the pimple. So, don’t lose heart!

But if you still wish to get rid of the common skin problems then this article is just for you. Here you will get to know the simple, easy solutions to your daily skin problems. So scroll down and take notes!


Everyone has to deal with the acne problem in their life. No one gets spared, No one!! But it becomes a headache when you have to attend a party with it. It doesn’t really look good on your skin, does it? If it occurs on your face you need to put on heavy makeup, if it occurs on your back you can’t wear your favorite backless dress and so on!

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Solutions: There are many simple natural and medicinal ways in which you can treat acne.

You can use tomato pulp to treat your acne. It reduces acne to a larger extent and even purifies your skin by unclogging the skin pores.

The back acne can be treated with benzoyl peroxide wash and salicylic acids. Cleaning and washing the acne can be a really helpful.

Along with that if you also exfoliate your skin twice a week then your acne problems will lessen.

Warning: if you have scars or deep cyst don’t use the acne wash solutions without a prescription from a qualified dermatologist!


Scar marks on the skin can be embarrassing if you have a visible one on your face! It also makes people question about it. People generally hate that because it reminds them about past accidents which may have been tragic or embarrassing. No one likes to remember such terrible past incidents!!

Solutions: The thing about scars is it heals itself with time. Follow these easy tips if you want your scar to vanish completely:

Keep your new scars away from sunlight. It hinders the healing process.

Use laser treatments for red scars. It helps in lightening them to a greater extent

Raised scars can be easily treated with some injections. Get an appointment with a good dermatologist to get the best results.

Brown spots

Brown spots are one of the most common skin problems. It is harmless but some people don’t feel comfortable with them. Moreover, it also shows that you don’t have a healthy skin.

Solutions: Brown spots are quite difficult to deal with because they are stubborn and don’t easily go away. But here are few solution you may follow:

Use a good quality sunscreen to avoid darkening of the spots.

Use quality fading creams as your first treatment. However, if exposed to the sun the spots will reappear.

If you are determined to get rid of them fast, then you should seek help from an expert dermatologist. Prescribed laser treatment, bleaching solutions, and chemical peels can be really helpful.

Dark circles under eyes

Dark circles under eyes not only takes away the beauty but also makes you look unhealthy and sick. People generally assume that if a person has dark circles under his or her eyes then he or she must be going through a stressful life or doesn’t get enough sleep. It becomes quite embarrassing when people ask you about your health seeing the dark patches under your eyes.

Solutions: There can be a number of reasons for dark circles. It is recommended to seek a doctor’s help to know what is the actual reason for it.

Get help from a doctor and try to know what is the reason for it. Sometimes, dark circles are symptoms of other diseases.

Try covering the dark circle with make-up if you are in a hurry to attend a meeting.

Cool compressor and creams containing cortisone or caffeine can also help in lightening dark circles.
Get an appointment with a dermatologist if you wish to go for a skin surgery.


Sunburns are becoming one of the most common skin problems with the rise in temperature. A little exposure to the sun on a scorching summer day can have a devastating effect on your skin, especially when you have a sensitive skin. Sunburns not only gives you ugly reddish patch but its also very painful.

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Solutions: There are many prevention techniques of sunburn.

Use a quality sunscreen to protect from UV radiations.

Use hats, sunglasses and good light clothing to cover your body from sun rays

Go for Vitamin E if you already got a sunburn. Cut a Vitamin E supplement in half and rub it on your sunburned area for a quick relief.

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