5 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Wrist Support During Your Yoga

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise that has various benefits such as relaxing our bodies and minds and others use yoga to stay fit and improve their body flexibility. Just like any other workout routine, you are also prone to develop injuries when you engage in yoga thus the need to take preventive measures to keep yourself safe. One way to stay safe when doing yoga is by wearing a wrist support during the exercise.

stay safe doing yoga

Why is it essential to wear a wrist support during your yoga?

1. Offer support

Sometimes especially in the case where you are doing the downward facing dog, planks or even crows, you will definitely be required to use your hands for support. These exercises shift all your body weight to your wrist area for support which results in employment of too much weight on these areas of your hands. Therefore, having wrist support device during the exercises, helps in creating additional support to the wrist areas.

2. Adds strength

Some yoga practices are closely related to other work out activities whereby you are expected to perform various routines which require you to build strength and tone your muscles. These exercises include pranks and the firefly just to name a few. So, by adding some support in these activities helps you build strength, create support and excellent resistance for better results. This is essential if you use yoga as a way of losing weight or toning your muscles.

3. Prevents pains

A lot of people are unable to keep up with their yoga classes due to the pains that come as a result of straining the muscles in the wrist area. The wrist is equipped with weak muscles and ligaments which are not so strong to hold all the body weights. And therefore, putting too much pressure on these muscles and ligaments tends to break them. The use of support helps in reducing the pressure on the wrist area and also it offers support to the areas as well. Just look for the devices to ensure that you purchase the correct device depending on the kind of movements you do.

4. Allows flexibility

Some yoga exercises require you to employ a lot of flexibility in the movements which are only possible with the use of your wrist. At the same time, you cannot move your wrists in just any manner as it can easily twist and get hurt. In such a case is where you need a wrist support since it allows your wrist to move in different forms and styles without you worrying since the support controls the movements. Being flexible allows you to avoid straining the wrist muscles thus improving its movements.

5. Reduces compression

Compression is a type of injury that occurs in the process of Yin and Yang practices. It basically happens when the bone around the wrist hits the other bone hence causing the tissues to be pressed and pushed towards each other. Wrapping your wrist before doing these exercises helps in keeping the bones in the right position and prevents too much flexibility.

Yoga is a great form of exercise and relaxation for your body as long you do it right. Since it involves a lot of hand movements, it is essential that you keep your wrist protected from injuries and ensure the above factors with the use of a wrist support. In the case where the pains continue, seek medical check as it may be an issue that requires a doctor’s attention.

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