Debunking The Myths About Contact Lenses

Are you thinking of wearing contact lenses but you are feeling hesitant because of the bad things you heard about them? Well, for all you know, most of these are nothing but myths without an ounce of truth in them. To give you peace of mind, here are some of the common myths about contact lenses, and the truth behind them.

debunking myths contact lenses

Myth #1: Not everyone can wear contact lenses.

Truth: Thanks to the developments in contact lens technology, almost everyone can now wear contacts. You can now find bifocal contact lenses ideal for those with presbyopia. Rigid, hybrid, and soft contact lenses can also correct astigmatism while custom contact lenses could correct even those challenging prescriptions. If you were told that wearing contact lenses is not an option for you, you might want to ask again. It is possible that you could be a good candidate more than what you think.

Myth #2: Contact lenses are not comfortable.

Truth: After just a short period of adaptation, most people no longer notice that they are wearing contacts. For people who experience some discomfort, however, there are remedies available that you can use after the cause of the discomfort is determined.

Myth #3: Contact lenses could get lost behind your eyes.

Truth: A thin membrane known as the conjunctiva is covering the white part of your eye and is connecting to the inner part of your eyelids which make it impossible for contact lenses to get lost behind your eyes.

Myth #4: Contact lenses could get stuck in your eyes for good.

Truth: Although it is tried that soft contact lens could stick to your eyes’ surface when they dry out, remoistening them by applying a multipurpose solution or sterile saline can get them to move again.

Myth #5: You can suffer from eye problems when you wear contact lenses.

Truth: It is true that using contact lenses can make you prone to some eye issues. However, when you follow the instructions of your eye doctor as to how to look after your lenses, the amount of time you can wear them, and the frequency of replacing them, it is relatively safe to wear contact lenses.

Myth #6: It can be very troublesome to care for contact lenses.

Truth: A bottle of contact lens care system can make it easier to clean and disinfect your lenses. You can also say goodbye to caring for your contact lenses by opting for disposable contact lenses instead.

Myth #7: Contact lenses are too pricey.

Truth: Contact lenses could be more affordable than a pair of prescription glasses. In fact, even disposable contact lenses which used to be considered a luxury will only cost you little per day. As for an example, .

Myth #8: You will find it hard to get your contact lenses in your eyes.

Truth: At first, it may seem difficult, but your eye doctor will see to it that you learn the right application and removal of your contacts before you leave their clinic. Many users become adept at using their lenses faster than what they expected. Also, there are many guides on .

Now, those are eight myths about contact lenses that we can now put aside. If you want to wear contact lenses but still feel uneasy because of things you heard, do not hesitate to visit your eye doctor to give you more clarifications. What other things did you hear about contact lenses that are stopping you from wearing them.

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